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3 surprise findings about the state of in-game advertising
Davis Silver
Games have emerged as one of the world’s biggest forms of entertainment according to time spent, dollars generated, and ...
3 Mobile Trends Shaping Up in 2021
Rae Steinbach
Editor's note: This article is based on ironSource SVP of Revenue Amir Shaked’s exclusive presentation at the virtual Le...
How Playtika and Supersonic manage their cross promotion strategies
Mishka Katkoff, Deconstructor of Fun; Igor Bereslavski, Supersonic; Yuval Yosefi, Playtika
See how Playtika and Supersonic run their killer cross promotion campaigns
How to scale up your on-device campaign
Davis Silver
According to App Developer Magazine, it’s becoming more common for users to unlock their devices with no predetermined d...
10 rewarded video monetization lessons from meta match-3 games
Anna Popereko
Meta match-3 games are a subcategory of casual games that combine traditional match-3 puzzle mechanics (think Candy Crus...
Inside the marketing strategy that got this self-care app to the top charts
Clement HallooFabulous
In this episode of Out of the Box, Jess Overton is joined by Clement Halloo, Head of Marketing at Fabulous - an app that...
10 things you didn't know about ironSource
If you’re reading this, you have probably heard that ironSource went public on the New York Stock Exchange. In case you ...
Optimizing creative performance following the iOS 14 privacy updates
Dan Greenberg
Editor’s note: This article is based on ironSource Chief Design Officer Dan Greenberg’s exclusive presentation at LevelU...
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