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Expert tips for turning apps
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Case Study
ABI increases ARPU 2X with the ROAS optimizer from ironSource
ABI, Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter
ABI is a game studio based in Vietnam that’s recognized as a top 10 major game company in Southeast Asia. ABI uses iro…
Case Study
SmartNews drives 35 million installs and meets retention goals with Aura
SmartNews, SmartNews
SmartNews is one of the most well-known news aggregator apps today, with 50 million downloads and 20 million monthly act…
Prioritizing user value with incrementality measurement
Host Jess Overton, Director of Demand at ironSource Aura, is joined by Maor Sadra. Maor is a veteran of the ad tech indu…
Case Study
WeatherBug drives more than 7 million installs with Aura on-device advertising
WeatherBug, WeatherBug
WeatherBug is a top-rated weather app in the app stores, and one of the most popular weather sites in the US. Because ma…
5 A/B tests to increase revenue and users for your hyper-casual game
Arielle Evan
At the latest Hyper Games Conference, Lior Shekel, Strategic Partnership Team Leader at ironSource, presented the top 5 …
Indie GameDev Spotlight: Q&A with NimbleBit
ironSource sat down with our mediation partner Ian Marsh, co-founder at NimbleBit, to learn how he and his team made it …
Analyzing cohort reports: The what, why, when, and how
Reuben Lewis
What are cohort reports? In today’s market, analytics is a prerequisite to turning a game into a profitable business.…
Inside LinkedIn's on-device marketing strategy
Martin LanceeLinkedIn
Host Jess Overton is joined by Martin Lancee, who's responsible for developing and executing the company's on-device mar…