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How to choose a programmatic video advertising platform: 8 considerations
Whether you’re an advertiser or a publisher, partnering up with the right programmatic video advertising platform is one...
  • agencies
  • user acquisition
How to optimize your hybrid waterfall with CPM buckets
Akiva Glasenberg, Growth Strategy Manager at ironSource
In-app bidding has automated most waterfall optimization, yet developers still manage multiple hybrid waterfalls, each w...
  • analytics
  • monetization
Blockchain technology is changing the gaming ecosystem, but what value does it add for developers?
Gal Fisheloviz
The blockchain has arrived - transforming the centralized and locked-in Web2 ecosystem we currently use into the decentr...
  • blockchain
  • games
7 ways to earn more revenue from merge games with rewarded video
Anna Popereko, Game Designer
According to Deconstructor of Fun, puzzle games are one of the biggest mobile genres, and continue to grow at a market r...
  • games
  • rewarded video

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Find the ideal bid every time with Luna Optimization Center for Apple Search Ads
Luna has taken another major step in helping advertisers scale their Apple Search Ads campaigns with the new Optimizatio...
  • apple search ads
An inside look at the Japanese mobile economy
Sasha Gerber
Japan emerged from COVID-19 as the third largest economy in the world according to Business Insider, and The Internation...
  • country
Game Hub: Empowering the indie game dev community in Israel
Sasha Gerber
The gaming industry in Israel is booming, but it’s known for big-name casual, hyper-casual, and social casino studios. T...
  • events
Travel is back in-style: 6 trends advertisers should keep in mind in 2022
Davis Silver
The travel industry is finally beginning to recover from the pandemic, representing a great opportunity for advertisers ...
  • apps
  • MobileVoice

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