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How to scale your Apple Search Ads campaigns
Matthew Skurnick, Director of Product Growth
*This post was last updated on March 17, 2023 Apple Search Ads has become one of the most important channels for app...
  • apple search ads
  • user acquisition
What to look for in your Play and Own solution
Gal Fisheloviz, Director of Business Strategy at ironSource
The Play & Own (P&O) revolution isn’t just on the horizon - it’s already here. With it comes a whole new host of...
  • web3
Mobile gaming at all hours: 7 facts about how users engage with their phones
Davis Silver
People spend more time on their phones than ever before, 5 hours per day according to The more interesting ques...
  • agencies
  • games
  • ...
    • user acquisition
How to run effective UA campaigns for your subscription app by measuring long term goals
Davis Silver
According to Databox, around 80% of marketers prefer looking at short term goals, like eCPI, because it's easy to measur...
  • apps
  • user acquisition

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How to overcome the in-app purchase revenue gap in 2023
Anna Popereko, Game Design Consultant at ironSource
Now that players’ budgets are tightening, it’s becoming more important for midcore and hardcore games to diversify their...
  • monetization
  • rewarded video
9 statistics about how users engage with streaming apps
Davis Silver
The video streaming industry is booming - but do we really understand how consumers feel about streaming apps and their ...
  • apps
  • on-device advertising
  • ...
    • user acquisition
Introducing Luna’s free solution for Apple Search Ads
Jasmine Cohen
Luna from Unity is giving app and game developers of all sizes the opportunity to try out our Apple Search Ads suite of ...
  • apple search ads
Breaking silos to increase creative performance: How creative and growth teams can be BFFs
Rae Steinbach
There’s a major gap in the creative production process: the creative team usually hands off their designs to the rest of...
  • creative optimization
  • creatives
  • ...
    • user acquisition

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