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How to maximize the performance of your mobile game: 3 tips from a Unity game design consultant
Anna Popereko, Senior Game Designer at Unity
Growing a mobile game is a complex process with many steps. As a game design consultant, it’s my job to analyze each gam...
  • analytics
  • monetization
Machine learning and programmatic advertising: Q&A with Moloco
Rahul Verma
Machine learning has been around for a long time. First coined in 1959 when the technology was used to detect speech pat...
  • monetization
  • user acquisition
4 offerwall myths, debunked
Haim Kandyba Offerwall Growth at Unity
The offerwall is one of the fastest growing tools in the mobile app ecosystem - for both monetization and user acquisiti...
  • monetization
  • offerwall
How we maintain quality tech at scale: an inside look into how we build our SDK
Guy Kirschbaum, VP of Engineering at Unity
At Unity, we continually work to ensure our ironSource SDK is best-in-class. But with a huge amount of scale - more than...
  • analytics

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4 tips for boosting conversion rate and IPM with custom store pages
Omer Katzburg, Senior Growth Strategy Manager
Traditionally, ad optimization has been all about improving the creative experience before the user clicks on the ad. Bu...
  • creative optimization
  • user acquisition
How to optimize latency in your ad waterfall
Akiva Glasenberg, Growth Strategy Manager at ironSource
When a developer is ready to show an ad but the video isn’t ready, their users’ experience could suffer - and due to mis...
  • analytics
  • mediation
Mobile growth and monetization report 2023
Daniel Godley
In a challenging environment, knowing how to cost-effectively grow and monetize your game is critical. To that end, Unit...
  • monetization
  • user acquisition
Your guide to reducing your Android ANR rate and improving your users’ experience
Alon Dotan, Integration Engineer Team Lead at ironSource by Unity
ANRs, or “application not responding” errors, are a critical issue facing Android developers, and despite the fact that ...
  • analytics
  • anr

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