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Taking the crypto out of web3 gaming: Debunking 4 sticky misconceptions
Gal Fisheloviz, Director of Business Strategy at ironSource
As web3 gaming comes into its own and takes shape into what will define the future of gaming, there's a need to address ...
  • games
  • web3
How to monetize the 97% of non-payers in your midcore or hardcore game
Maya Fehler
At Appfest 2022, Noelia Lopez, Blockchain PM and Senior Monetization Manager at Tilting Point, shared her ad monetizatio...
  • monetization
  • rewarded video
The hyper-casual gaming industry: Past, present, and future
Rae Steinbach
Since coming onto the scene just a few years ago, hyper-casual games have experienced an exponential surge in growth. Fr...
  • hyper-casual
  • user acquisition
Optimizing custom product pages for your Apple Search Ads search results campaigns
Ziva Shapiro
Custom product pages complete guide for Apple Search Ads search results campaigns At Luna, we’ve seen advertisers accou...
  • apple search ads

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How Aiming used Tapjoy offerwall to boost engagement rate by 80%
Maya Fehler
Aiming Inc. is a Japan-based game developer responsible for hits like Dragon Quest Tact and CARAVAN STORIES. They wanted...
  • offerwall
  • tapjoy
How to build the ad experience your users really want
Maya Fehler
Your app is only as valuable as the users who come to it - improving KPIs like and retention is impossible without a us...
  • monetization
  • rewarded video
Man vs. Machine: 3 ways you can impact growth
Maya Fehler
At Appfest 2022, ironSource’s Maytal Shaul, Anna Popereko, and Yuval Lotan walked through 3 ways you can impact growth i...
  • ab testing
  • custom product pages
  • ...
    • rewarded video
Apps and games are a safe place for your brand's ads, according to consumer research
Davis Silver
Brand safety is always a high priority, but has been a particularly hot topic the past few weeks. Times like this presen...
  • agencies

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