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The first-ever cross promotion bidder


The available app cross promotion solutions on the market generated massive challenges for monetization and marketing teams. Either they utilized an ad network to run cross promo campaigns and paid high prices for their own users, or they ran cross promo campaigns as a unique source cannibalized potential revenue from other ad networks.


ironSource’s app cross promotion solution overcomes these challenges, enabling app developers using the ironSource mediation and user acquisition platform to set up campaigns which benefit from the full force of in-app bidding technology – for the first time ever.

How does it work?

The solution functions as an isolated bidding ad network that only runs cross promotion campaigns, so you can run cross promotion like any other UA campaign and optimize them in your monetization stack like any other bidder.

The benefits of
ironSource cross promotion

For user acquisition

Keep high intent users

Market all your apps to your users and keep them in your portfolio when it’s profitable for you

Bid on CPI

Conventional app cross promotion solutions only let you buy on CPM, while ironSource lets you buy on CPI and optimize bids accordingly

Optimize towards ROAS

Combine our cross promo solution with the ironSource ROAS optimizer to know the user value for every app on a granular level, and automatically update your bids

For monetization

Automate cross promotion

Keep your cross promotion campaigns automatically optimized by running them as a bidder inside your monetization stack

Maximize eCPM

Deliver your ads only if they’re expected to yield a greater eCPM than other network eCPMs

Get performance transparency

Compare your performance using full activity tracking and attribution stats, so you can optimize for ARPU (ARM + IAP) on the portfolio level

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