Mobile device and app performance analytics

On-device data
at your fingertips

Make informed business decisions with full transparency into how customers interact with apps, content, and services across your global network of devices

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Touchpoint analytics

Apps and services analytics

Revenue analytics

Touchpoint analytics

Get full transparency into the customer journey

Understand the customer journey and drill down into each touchpoint’s funnel data and KPIs. Advanced filtering with parameters like device model and geo provide granular insights into the customer journey so you can better optimize the entire device experience

App and services analytics

Access unique on-device data across owned and operated apps

Aggregate the performance of all of your owned and operated apps and services in one place with the operator dashboard. Aura’s on-device solution gives you access to unique data like download and launch rate, so you can better manage and optimize your suite of branded apps and services.

Revenue analytics

Track revenue performance throughout the device lifecycle

Easily access revenue data across onboarding and in-life touchpoints, compare performance over time, and share insights across teams for quick reporting and full data transparency. Aura lets operators visualize the full picture of revenue performance from one convenient dashboard.

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