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Case Study
CallApp partners with Aura to boost installs 45x and decrease CPI 56%
CallApp Software Ltd, CallApp
CallApp, is a caller ID, blocking, and recording app based out of Tel Aviv. With over 200M users, CallApp is a global ma...
  • on-device advertising
  • user acquisition
Case Study
How Panda Studio boosted ROAS 222% and reduced eCPI 21% with Unity LevelPlay’s product suite
Panda Studio, Battle Bingo
Panda Studio, a mobile game development company based in China, was looking to scale up their biggest hit, Battle Bingo....
  • mediation
  • ua optimizer
  • ...
    • user acquisition
Case Study
How CashWalk increased revenue by 225% and engagement rate by 5x working with Unity LevelPlay
CashWalk, CashWalk
CashWalk, an app based out of Korea, lets you earn rewards for walking or running, which can be exchanged for gift cards...
  • monetization
  • offerwall
Case Study
Bole Games cuts complaints by over 50% and negative App Store reviews 20% with Ad Quality from Unity LevelPlay
Bole Games, Cash Frenzy
Founded in 2015, Beijing-based publisher Bole Games creates best-in-genre slot games. In fact, their titles Cash Frenzy ...
  • ua optimizer

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Case Study
How Nexters boosted overall eCPM 50% and revenue 40% by A/B testing the Tapjoy offerwall
Nexters, Hero Wars
Nexters is a mobile gaming studio based in Cyprus. Founded in 2010, they’re known for hits like Hero Wars, Throne Rush, ...
  • offerwall
  • tapjoy
Case Study
How story-based app Tapas boosted eCPM by 30% with the Tapjoy offerwall
Tapas, Tapas
Tapas Entertainment is a Korean company famous for its story-based apps, like their hit app Tapas - a leading publishing...
  • monetization
  • offerwall
Case Study
Loadcomplete raises D7 revenue by 30% and retention 150% with Luna’s one-stop shop for creative analysis
Loadcomplete, Legend of Slime
Since 2009, Korean mobile game publisher Loadcomplete has produced 15 successful titles for mobile gamers to enjoy globa...
  • creative optimization
  • creatives
Case Study
How IEC Games boosted completions 5x and D1 ROAS 85% with the offerwall
IEC Games, Water Sort Puzzle
IEC Games is a mobile gaming studio based in Vietnam. Founded in 2015, they’re responsible for hits like Ball Sort Puzzl...
  • cost per engagement
  • offerwall

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