Optimize the ad experience with segments

Define dynamic user groups and build custom ad flows to drive higher engagement and ARPDAU

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Gain a competitive edge with your monetization stack

Control your ad strategy

Customize the capping, pacing, placement, rewards, and network for multiple audiences

Enhance the user experience

Personalize the ad experience for different audiences to keep users coming back and encourage them to progress in your game

Maximize ARPDAU

Deliver the most relevant ad experience for each group to maximize engagement and revenue

Update your ad strategy
in real time with dynamic segmentation

  • Tailor the waterfall for different locations in your app
  • Decide where to show playables, videos, or static ads
  • Set your waterfall as bidding-only where you need the fastest ad loading
  • Limit the number of ads users see as soon as they convert to paying
  • Set your direct deals to deliver exclusively at a specific level or event

Why top developers use ironSource’s segments tool

Segment what’s important

Tailor your ad strategy to user groups by country, app version, IDFA, device model, game level, paying users – or even custom segments

Zero SDK dependencies

It only takes a few clicks to set up – no R&D needed. Follow these instructions to get started

Accurate revenue reporting

Totally transparent data is broken down from day one, so you can track your results per segment and make sure you’re hitting your goals

Trusted by the world’s leading game developers

Kelly Kang, Sr. Director, Ad Monetization at Big Fish Games

“We love the segment capabilities from ironSource because we can give our users a tailored game experience. We use unique pacing and ad unit settings based on characteristics like device type, app version, and whether the user has made a purchase. Because of it, we’re able to maximize both ad engagement and retention across our portfolio.”

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Publishers create segments based on their own data, in accordance with their privacy policy.

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