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Accurately measure the ad revenue generated for each device and impression – from any ad unit, across every ad network.
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What is impression level revenue?

Until now, app developers could only measure revenue on the device level using in-app purchase data – while data on ad revenue could only attributed to an entire group of devices. This made it impossible to calculate true ARPU, and therefore build accurate LTV models. This affects developers’ ability to bid efficiently across marketing channels, and optimize monetization efforts.

ironSource’s impression level revenue feature solves this problem by determining ad revenue on both the device and impression level, from any ad unit, across every ad network on the ironSource mediation platform – while partnering with the leading attribution companies to show developers their best performing marketing channels.

Seeing the real value of each impression and which channel that impression came from can provide developers with entirely new insights for both user acquisition and monetization strategies.

The benefits of impression level revenue

Get insight into monetization behavior

With access to impression level data, developers get better insight into their users’ monetization behavior and how they engage with ads – ultimately helping monetization managers and product managers understand the effectiveness of their ad implementations, namely frequency caps, diminishing returns on ads, and eCPM decay.

Acquire users from the right channels

Developers could only optimize their user acquisition campaigns according to in-app purchase revenue numbers – so they may have thought they were acquiring low-revenue users from a specific campaign source, but actually those users were incredibly valuable in terms of ad revenue. With ironSource’s solution, UA managers will be able to tell which campaign source (Google, Facebook, and other ad networks) provided them with users who drove the most ROI in terms of both IAP revenue and ad revenue.

Testimonials and case studies

“ The impression level revenue from ironSource greatly enhances our user acquisition campaign management and optimization. Previously we were estimating this revenue based on in game ad events and extrapolating the impact to LTVs, which has some known drawbacks. The impression level revenue enables us to spend more efficiently across our marketing channels by providing a more accurate view of revenue across all ad types. This ultimately moves our business forward on many different levels. ”

Jeff Gurian, VP Marketing and Ad Monetization at Kongregate

“ We make hyper-casual games, so for us, scale is really important. The impression level revenue solution changed the way we market our games. Because we use ironSource ad mediation, the platform knows all of our ad revenue for all of our users – even though we also use other ad networks. Recently, we tested the solution on a new game, and we’ve seen revenue increase two-fold, because we’re acquiring users that monetize better. ”

Jason Falcus, COO at Kwalee

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Partnering with top
attribution companies

“For many clients, advertisements provide a significant portion of their in-app revenue stream. Being able to determine this income on a device level gives clients a more complete picture of their ROI. Unlike other solutions, Adjust doesn’t lower data quality by using aggregated data. Together with ironSource, Adjust will provide the first accurate insight for marketers into ad revenue. ”

Paul H. Müller, Co-Founder and CTO at Adjust

“AppsFlyer first launched ad revenue attribution for mobile marketers in 2016, and we’re excited to partner with ironSource on this powerful new solution that introduces an additional layer of data and actionable insights regarding the value of marketers’ ad inventory. By understanding the advertising revenue generated by acquired devices, marketers can get a clearer picture of their return on investment (ROI) and return on ad spend (ROAS) of their campaigns, for a more comprehensive, holistic view of their overall marketing performance.”

Elad Mashiach, VP Partner Development at AppsFlyer

“Providing our customers with a holistic view of their ad spend for increased optimization is our primary goal. Having ironSource’s platform with detailed data on the value of each network down to the device enhances our ability to provide the best data to clients, which is our overriding mission.”

James Benoit, Sr. Manager of Product Operations at Kochava

“This is a major win for publishers. We work hard to provide accurate, granular insights into revenue and ROI, and this new data helps Singular give clients even deeper insights into ad monetization.”

Alon Nafta, VP Product at Singular

How to access
impression level revenue

ironSource platform

Access impression level revenue on the ironSource platform.

Attribution platforms

See impression level revenue data on leading attribution dashboards, including AppsFlyer, Adjust, Singular, Tenjin, and Kochava.


Integrate impression level revenue into your BI stack with this API.

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