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Supercharge your revenue with technology designed to maximize earnings and empower you to optimize

ironSource mediation

Monetize your app across every ad unit with access to premium demand from today’s top games and brands

ironSource network

ironSource mediation

Maximum ARPDAU, minimum hassle

A single point of access to the world’s top bidders

Get the highest price for each impression with an in-app bidding engine that connects you to the industry’s leading bidding networks

Much more than just mediation

Get access to a full set of optimization tools and the most comprehensive reporting available to boost your monetization

One platform for the entire growth cycle

Connect your user acquisition and monetization in one platform to achieve your app’s full growth potential

Technology you can trust

We prioritize stability without compromising on app performance, ensuring our SDK delivers reliably while keeping your user experience smooth

Maximize the value of each impression with in-app bidding

ironSource in-app bidding gives developers of all sizes access to a real-time auction among all the top bidding networks, so you get to maximize yield, generate more revenue, and reduce time spent on operations

Learn about in-app biddingLearn about in-app bidding
A/B test every part of your monetization strategy

Optimize your monetization strategy with a full suite of 3 powerful A/B testing tools that make it easy to test anything from user segments to ad units. Then analyze impact and make informed decisions with accurate revenue reporting

Discover A/B testingDiscover A/B testing
Customize the ad flow for different user segments

Create a better user experience and increase revenue with the ironSource segmentation tool, allowing you to build custom ad flows for different player segments

Learn about segmentsLearn about segments

ironSource network

Monetize your app with ads from the world’s top advertisers

Every available ad unit

From high-impact rewarded videos and playables to interstitials and banners, developers can leverage every available ad unit to engage users

Premium global demand

Increase revenue by benefiting from our partnerships with the world’s top brand and game advertisers

Dave Edwards, VP of Revenue at Audiomack

“The competitive fill rates, constant optimizations to our waterfall, and quality creatives from a range of advertisers on the ironSource network helped us sustain an increase in overall revenue”
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Kiel LeBaron, Monetization Manager at Jam City

“What we’ve seen with ironSource mediation and in-app bidding, in terms of performance, has been strong. When you combine that with the A/B testing tool that ironSource has, it’s really powerful”
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Sofia Gilyazova, Head of Ad Monetization at Socialpoint

“ironSource’s expertise in ad monetization really helped solidify our new rewarded video flow and UI”



Engagement rate

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Rose Agozzino, Senior Marketing Specialist at Ludia

“We’re eager to keep up the growth we’ve seen with in-app bidding and experiment with other tools available on ironSource’s mediation”

Increase in revenue

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Oli Christie, CEO at Neon Play

“We never considered A/B testing as standard practice, but with ironSource it’s so easy, so now we do it all the time for each game”
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