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Expert tips for turning apps
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Case Study
Neowiz moves all Android traffic to ironSource offerwall after reaching a $ 729 eCPM
Neowiz, IdolChamp
Neowiz is an established mobile app and games publisher based in South Korea, founded back in 1997. For their latest tit…
3 reasons why in-app bidding is the best monetization strategy for the iOS privacy updates
Rae Steinbach
With the iOS 14 privacy changes, the App Tracking Transparency framework is shifting entirely to protect user data and l…
Are you stereotyping the mobile gamer?
Dan Feldstein
ironSource VP Sales, US Marketplace Mike Schoelch sat down with Digiday this month at their Gaming Advertising Forum to …
4 must-have features in your game's next mediation platform
Reuben Lewis
For game developers of all sizes, from one-person operations to large teams, partnering with the right mediation platfor…
Case Study
How Sunday increased ARPU D3 by 50% with ironSource's ROAS Optimizer
Sunday, Cat Escape
Sunday is the 16-person German mobile games studio behind the hit hyper-casual title, Cat Escape, which saw 10 million d…
How to design and optimize creatives for mobile apps
Reuben Lewis
Engaging ad creatives are key to succeeding on an ad network, and are often the difference between acquiring users at sc…
Debunking four myths about on-device advertising
Dor Isseroff
Advertising directly on devices through telcos and OEMs has come a long way since the days of static factory preloads. N…
2021 monetization and UA benchmarks for mobile games
Jasmine Cohen
Make better business decisions with game growth benchmarks and tips on how to hit them