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Introducing the all-new Unity LevelPlay
Unity LevelPlay
Partnering with a strong mediation provider has never been more important. As the shift to bidding and mounting privacy ...
  • monetization
  • user acquisition
Case Study
PikPok increases Offerwall revenue 2x with M2E on the Tapjoy Offerwall
PikPok, Rival Stars Horse Racing
PikPok is a mobile game publisher based in New Zealand, best known for their critically acclaimed Into the Dead® series,...
  • monetization
  • offerwall
Case Study
How Audiomack uses Unity LevelPlay to scale up globally
Audiomack , Audiomack
Audiomack, a globally-recognized music streaming platform, allows creators to share unlimited music and podcasts with th...
  • monetization
  • user acquisition
Understanding the mobile gaming and fast food connection
Yuval Dahan
Understanding how best to reach high-intent consumers at scale is critical for the growth of QSR brands. In this report, Unity surveyed 4,174 US-based consumers to explore the connection between mobile gaming and fast food consumption in order to find out whether mobile game players are a strong audience for QSRs.

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    Case Study
    How Lotte Members boosted their ad revenue 20x and increased eCPM 10x with Tapjoy from Unity
    Lotte Members, L.Point
    Lotte Members is a membership rewards services platform that partners with 400,000 companies and reaches approximately 3...
    • monetization
    • offerwall
    • ...
      • tapjoy
    How to maintain control and transparency with in-app bidding
    Savannah Cookson
    Compared to traditional waterfall instances, in-app bidding can be advantageous. However one concern raised within the c...
    • Game growth
    • in-app bidding
    • ...
      • monetization
    Social networks are not enough: why you should diversify your app marketing channel mix
    Daniel Godley
    App marketers now have more capabilities than ever before to reach new audiences. Yet, despite the wealth of options ava...
    • apps
    • in-app bidding
    • ...
      • user acquisition
    Addressing addressability: How brand marketers can adapt their mobile programmatic strategy
    ATT and cookie deprecation signifies more than just a technological shift - it's a game-changer for marketers who are lo...
    • user acquisition

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