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Find users who’ll love your app and engage for the long-haul with automated user acquisition solutions

In-app advertising

Reach users directly on their devices at moments when they’re fully focused on installing new apps

On-device advertising

In-app advertising

Automate UA to acquire quality users for your app

Campaign management made easy

Quickly create and monitor user acquisition campaigns and then access a comprehensive view of your marketing performance across a wide range of breakdowns

Meet your KPIs with automated user acquisition

Reach your UA goals more efficiently with tools that automate bid optimization and make the most of your spend. Our machine-learning algorithm automatically optimizes bids across a variety of breakdowns to reduce costs and increase revenue – all while saving you time and resources

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The only automated cross promotion solution in the market

Keep your best users in your portfolio with cross promotion campaigns that leverage all the power, data science, and automation of a dedicated ad network bidder

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Give your campaign a creative edge with automated ad creation

Quickly and easily generate engaging ad creatives directly from your existing assets and animations with Luna Create. Luna’s technology lets you scale your in-house creative production so you can create, iterate, and optimize without the usual manual overhead.

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Tom Collard, Performance Marketing Manager at King

“ironSource’s optimizer was able to bid more granularly and distribute the campaign on a wider range of supply, which helped us reach high-quality users and led to an increase in ARPU”
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Rohan Verma, Director of User Acquisition at Calm

“ironSource has also been a true partner in helping us optimize performance and leverage data-driven insights to fuel more growth”
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Uzeyir Baser, User Acquisition Manager at Unico Studio

“ironSource’s optimizer is much more accurate, automatically implementing granular bids per source on a daily basis, and freeing up valuable time for optimizing gameplay and creatives”
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Rahul Ravindranath, Monetization Specialist at Amanotes

“We’re eager to keep up the growth we’ve seen with in-app bidding and experiment with other tools available on ironSource’s mediation”





Increase in installs

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On-device advertising

Promote your app as a native part of the device experience

Diversify your UA strategy with Aura, which connects app developers with users on more than 1 billion devices across 77 countries, through partnerships with premium manufacturers and carriers like Samsung, Vodafone, Orange, and Dish

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New opportunities for app discovery

Stand out from the crowd with relevant app recommendations across multiple native device touchpoints timed to reach users when they’re most likely to install

Direct partnerships powering global scale

Promote your app as a native part of the experience across millions of devices worldwide, through direct partnerships with premium device manufacturers and carriers

Performance campaign optimization

Leveraging opt-in and contextual data, our proprietary AI algorithm finds the highest quality users for your app

Quality users with long-term value

Users who install apps while setting up their new devices tend to retain over the long term. Aura gives you the chance to take pride of place at that moment

Make better decisions with complete performance data

Get real-time campaign analytics, including delivery data and in-app performance of acquired users, on a dedicated advertiser dashboard that can also be directly integrated into your existing systems.

Mike Brooks, SVP Revenue at Weatherbug

“There are few channels with the strategic positioning, scale, and efficacy that Aura provides, and we’re as excited as ever to continue our multi-year partnership”

Trang Dao, VP Growth at Atom Finance

“The legitimacy a native device placement provides our app eases friction and campaign results correlate”


Cost per retained user

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Le Figaro

“Aura offers us unique targeting options that allows us to acquire high LTV users”


Cost per retained user

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“Aura offered a new kind of UA channel that could reach new audiences by running directly on leading EU carrier devices”



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Alex Piriz, Paid Media Specialist at Milanuncios

“The Aura team is always coming up with unique strategies to keep our app at top of mind”


Cost per lead

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Expert insights to grow your user base

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