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Mediation management

Ad formats

Networks and bidders

Custom adapters

Direct deals

UA optimizers

A/B testing

Ad quality

Cross promotion

iOS toolkit




Zero latency

ironSource Exchange

Mobile app

Control every aspect of your monetization strategy

Automate your waterfall

Automatically sort instances by CPM, so the highest paying networks always serve first

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Set instance rates for non-bidders

Get control over your waterfall by ensuring non-bidding networks deliver in the order you want

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Create user groups

Set up groups by country and segment and choose which networks serve ads to them

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Engage users with multiple ad formats

25 networks, the largest selection of bidders, plus any other network you want

Serve ads from any demand source you want with custom network support
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Set up and manage direct-sold campaigns from your in-app bidding stack

Supporting various tag types like VAST, hosted, MRAID, and IMA, ironSource gives you full control over your direct-sold campaigns, which run inside your in-app bidding stack – including capping, pacing, targeting capabilities, and more.

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Scale your UA and optimize towards your KPI

  • Combo IAP and ad revenue ROAS optimizer
  • D1 ROAS optimizer
  • D3 ROAS optimizer
  • D7 ROAS optimizer
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Ensure all mediated networks are set up with the integration test suite

Confirm each ad source is correctly configured, check ads are loading successfully, and ensure ads will display after loading – directly from your mobile test device. The test suite also displays regulation settings, app key, bundle details, and more according to your test device and init response parameters.

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Run dozens of monetization A/B tests with just one click

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What can you test?

What can you test?

Analyze and keep track of the ad content you show in your app

Churn analysis

Understand which advertisers and networks are causing users to bounce

User journey

See how your users move through in-app ads so you can ensure a positive experience and resolve any complaints

Creative overviews

See a gallery of the ads served to your users and quickly get insights on their performance

Violation reporting

Report problematic ads directly to the network and get notified if they reappear in your app

UX tags

Identify creatives with quality issues, and see why they’re causing friction for your users


See revenue contribution per churned user for each advertiser, so you can find the right trade-off for your app business

Market your apps to your users with CPI cross promotion campaigns

Run CPI-based cross promotion campagins within your in-app bidding stack

Keep your best users in your portfolio with a bidding ad network only dedicated to running your cross promotion campaigns. Bid on a CPI basis to optimize them accordingly.

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Run iOS campaigns with confidence

Universal SKAN reporting

Automatically collect SKAN postbacks from every network you work with—in one place, in real time

Conversion value manager

Map your CVs by the ad revenue users generate after downloading your apps

Optimize growth with accurate and comprehensive reporting

Break down cohorts by:

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Break down data on a granular level by:

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View accurate reports on:

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Track built-in and custom metrics including:

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Build custom ad flows for your users

Get segment-level analytics:

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Customize the ad experience per segment:

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Control ad placements at specific points in your app

Work with granular, built-in placements:
  • App launch
  • Between levels
  • Home screen
  • Game over
A/B test your placements for smarter optimization
Break down KPIs on the placement level
  • eCPM
  • Engagement rate
  • Impressions/DEU
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Get up to 15% more revenue with zero latency between rewarded videos

Connect with a variety of leading performance and brand DSPs

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Powered by Open Measurement and smart caching capabilities, ironSource Exchange connects you with the industry’s top performance and brand DSPs, so you can better boost your ARPDAU.

Monitor your game business on the go

Check monetization and user acquisition performance wherever you are to get snapshot of revenue, DAU, ARPDAU, eCPM, spend, installs, and IPM. Then apply breakdowns to compare performance.

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