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Transforming the device experience with carrier-grade technology

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Mobile customer engagement platform

The Aura platform and solution suite is built to maximize engagement and retain customers at every phase of the device lifecycle, from unboxing, to hardware upgrades and trade-ins, right back to unboxing again

First time

Reach users from the moment they start using their devices

Give power back to the user with the setup manager

Aura gives customers the ability to set up their devices with the apps they most want and need, with an innovative out of the box experience that enriches the device onboarding and setup process

Promote key apps and services with dynamic preloads

Aura dynamically installs key services and apps directly on relevant devices, leveraging a smart optimization algorithm to ensure maximum engagement

Any time

Engage with users at the right time and place throughout the lifecycle of the device

Create brand upsell opportunities outside of the store

Promote key services outside of the store and right on the device with VAS Manager, including device protection, and other branded services

Intelligently engage customers at the perfect time

Meaningful, timely notifications based on contextual triggers like storage space, ensure customers receive recommendations they value, all while increasing incremental revenue

Re-engage during the device update experience

Aura gives customers an enhanced experience each time they update their device operating system, with an update flow that recommends apps supporting the device’s new capabilities

Empower customers to optimize storage and data

App Manager empowers customers to control their device storage, by surfacing unused apps so they can make room for new ones

Provide more device value with relevant news

Our white-labeled news app aggregates news from a variety of sources according to customer preferences, giving them an optimized channel that encourages regular engagement with the device and builds additional value for customers

Power on-device game discovery

Game Manager creates a single launchpad for on-device game discovery and an option to subscribe for weekly or monthly game recommendations, allowing telecom operators to drive additional value for users who play games on their phones

Last time

Retain loyal users when they’re ready to trade in and restart the device lifecycle

Provide protection and renewal plans remotely, in real time

Diagnostics Manager offers protection plans to ‘old’ device owners and BYOD users while saving them the need to visit the store

Reduce customer churn by providing frictionless renewal service

Aura allows operators to manage the trade-in process entirely remotely, offering customers a diagnostics tool to calculate the value of their device and purchase an upgrade, so that operators can retain customers at high churn moments

Aura TV

Transform device experiences beyond mobile

Aura TV works together with mobile to reach more high-value customers

Aura’s smart TV feature gets in front of customers during the connected TV experience with optimized app recommendations, relevant notifications, and multiple engaging touchpoints.

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