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Connecting app developers with the world’s biggest performance and brand DSPs

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Connect with premium demand sources

Serve quality ads from the biggest brands and performance marketers through nearly 100 of the highest-impact global programmatic partners

Get full data transparency

See ironSource Exchange as a unique ad source in your reports. You can also break down revenue, win rates, and impressions by DSP for extreme visibility in real-time pivot reports

Monetize direct deals

Run private marketplace deals, tag-based direct-sold campaigns, and cross promotion campaigns that compete in a unified auction

Leverage high-impact ad units that engage users

Advertise in the biggest apps and games

Get access to full screen, in-app placements from the world’s largest mobile developers

Optimize the supply path

Get a more direct path to the supply you want by removing unnecessary players with Supply Path Optimization

Run programmatic guaranteed (PG) campaigns

Ensure campaign delivery with programmatic deals that are certified by Magnite, TTD, and Yahoo DSP

Run on fraud-free inventory

Have confidence in how your ads are running with technology like OM SDK integration and our apps-ads.txt listed inventory

Leverage creative experiences that convert

Run high-performing, interactive creatives and get expert recommendations from our team

Boost your key performance metrics

Leverage ad formats that are measurable, viewable, and high performing, improving CTR, CVR, and EGR

Creative experiences that convert

Premium tools that ensure brand safety

Open Measurement

Used by IAS, Moat, and Double Verify, the IAB’s Open Measurement SDK has been integrated on the ironSource Exchange for 3+ years, ensuring that all the apps on the Exchange ironSource are brand safe


To combat unauthorized reselling and app spoofing, all the apps on the ironSource Exchange have the app-ads.txt file, which lists all the ad sources authorized to sell their inventory


ironSource’s sellers.json file lists out all our authorized sellers and resellers, in order to increase transparency and combat fraud

Partnering with the world’s top demand and programmatic sources

Performance DSPs

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Brand DSPs

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Ad networks

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Analyze performance with advanced reporting capabilities for app developers

Slice and dice your KPIs by any dimension, filter, and time frame

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