Real time
pivot reports

Compare metrics over time, drag and drop granular breakdowns, and analyze multiple KPIs for the most advanced app monetization insights you’ve ever seen – all in real time

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The benefits of real time pivot reports

Understand trends in real time to recognize opportunities quickly
Break your data by multiple measures and dimensions
Easily compare different time periods
View data using different visuals like stack, line chart, and bar charts

Gain a competitive edge with your monetization stack

Unity LevelPlay

Slice and dice your monetization data with extreme detail and view your live revenue reporting in beautiful visualizations.

ironSource Exchange

Gain unparalleled transparency into your programmatic activity, including revenue, impressions, and win rate for each DSP.

Universal SKAdNetwork

View copies of all your postbacks from Apple and break down installs by source app, network, redownloads, and more.

Helpful resources for segmenting your users

3 Ways to optimize monetization with real time pivot reports


How to get started with real time pivot reports


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Optimize your monetization with real time data