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Continue to monetize and grow your apps on iOS with ironSource’s toolkit of dedicated products and features

User acquisition


User acquisition

Run iOS campaigns with confidence

SKAdNetwork campaigns

Create UA campaigns that support the SKAdNetwork framework and enjoy dedicated SKAN reporting and analysis to review your campaign performance

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SKAdNetwork Reporting API

Get your SKAdNetwork install data—like impressions, spend, and conversion values—and break down metrics on a granular level

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Universal SKAdNetwork reporting

Automatically collect SKAN postbacks from every network you work with—in one place, in real time. Then, leverage that data to drive higher performance.

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Conversion value manager

Map your CVs by the ad revenue users generate after downloading your apps. You’ll get a better understanding of the quality and LTV of your new users, so you can optimize your campaigns.

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tCPI bid type

Set your target CPI for a new campaign and ironSource will automatically optimize towards that target

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Budget per geo

Dedicate unique user acquisition budgets for the same campaign

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Cross promotion

Promote your apps across your entire portfolio while maximizing revenue and retaining your best users

Integrations with major MMPs

Send SKAdNetwork postbacks to your attribution partners for SKAN campaigns


Monetize boldly on all iOS devices

IDFA / non-IDFA segmented waterfalls

Optimize your monetization strategy with dedicated waterfalls for IDFA and non-IDFA devices

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SKAdNetwork IDs manager

Easily add the IDs for all of your ironSource mediated networks to your Info.plist file

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Power your monetization with ironSource SDK 7+. It’s compatible with iOS 14, supports SKAdNetwork, and provides the best performance for in-app bidding

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Pre permission pop-up

Show a pop-up to your users that explains the value of tracking before showing Apple’s ATT

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Reporting breakdowns by ATT and IDFA status

Analyze the impact of ATT permissions and IDFA availability in your performance and activity reports

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In-app bidding

Maximize ARPDAU with a real time auction and 10 high quality bidders

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Supercharge your iOS apps

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