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CPE advertising drives deeper funnel engagements. Acquire users on our premium publisher network and reward users for test-driving your app.

The benefits of CPE marketing:

  • → Deep in-app engagements
  • → Only pay for completed in-app conversions
  • → Drive ROAS
  • → Strong retention rates
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Types of Cost Per Engagement (CPE) advertising campaigns

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Bring users back to your app every day to complete shorter, quicker and more frequent tasks, allowing you to acquire quality users at scale.

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Multi-reward CPE

Reward users for completing multiple in-app tasks. You’ll see engagement and ROAS increase significantly — often exceeding goals by 2X.

Single reward CPE

Promote a single deep in-app engagement, such as downloading your app, reaching a certain level and carrying out a specific task.

Features of a CPE campaign

Per-App Bidding

Per-App Bidding (PAB) lets advertisers bid a different amount per publisher app. Invest more heavily in high-performing sources and reduce wasted ad spend.

A/B Testing

The Tapjoy Offerwall makes A/B testing easy. Try different instruction formats, test alternative messaging, and get insights into what visual assets perform best.

MMP Integration

Our CPE ads are integrated with the top MMPs in the industry including Adjust, Appsflyer, Kochava, Singular, and more!

Is Cost Per Engagement (CPE) advertising right for you?

Maximize user LTV

Does your app have in-app purchases?

If your app monetization strategy includes in-app purchases, cost per engagement advertising could be the perfect fit. Start by identifying high-ROAS engagement checkpoints. For example, do you typically recoup your marketing investment when users reach level three?

Engagement at scale

Are you looking to steadily scale over time?

CPE is an evergreen UA strategy. Unlike more mainstream audiences, our network is not easily saturated. 1.5B+ users rely on the Tapjoy offerwall for app discovery, self-selecting offers based on individual interest. CPE delivers short-term ROAS and long-term growth, making it the ideal investment.

Make a lasting impression with CPE marketing campaigns and mobile video ads

Advertisers love CPE because every dollar of spend grows their userbases. But what about when you need an awareness boost? Mobile video ads are a low-cost high-return brand-building strategy. Match mobile video with CPE to target every stage of the funnel.

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What our partners are saying

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Shi Tang, Head of Global Traffic Development at Lilith Games

“Since implementing multi-reward CPE, we’ve almost doubled the number of new players in Rise of Kingdoms, and we’re seeing higher conversion rates and ROI.”
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Magda Z, Senior User Acquisition Manager at Huuuge Games

“CPE is one of our most effective and high performing ad units when it comes to ROAS. Multi-reward CPE also allows us to scale our UA campaigns while reducing the number of live offers we have to manage day-to-day.”
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Takafumi Masuda, CEO at IGNITION M

“Tapjoy’s CPE and multi-reward CPE can motivate the users to play the game before install. We tripled our new users and brought in more than 6 times as much revenue in Japan from in-app purchases.”
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Anushka Mukherjee, UA Associate at Gram Games

“With CPE and per-app bidding, we’ve been able to push high-performing sources and reduce spend on lower-performing sources.”
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