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Monetize your app with mobile video ads to drive maximum revenue, boost your app’s user engagement, and improve retention. ironSource offers app developers a range of mobile video ad formats too choose from, all of which fit right into your app and complement your in-app economy.
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What is mobile video advertising?

Mobile video advertising is a popular app monetization strategy which app developers use to boost their app revenue. Developers integrate video ads on mobile apps and earn revenue when users watch them.

According to studies, mobile video ads perform significantly better compared to non-video ads, as they drive higher eCPMs. In fact, mobile video ad revenue accounts for 31% of all app revenue today.

In addition to driving revenue, mobile video advertising provides users with enhanced ad experiences. For example, users agree that rewarded video ads are the most preferred ad unit, with interstitial video ads coming in a close second.

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Monetize with mobile video adsMonetize with mobile video ads

What are the benefits of monetizing with mobile video ads?

Generate more mobile video ad revenue

The majority of app users today don’t pay to play. But mobile video advertising is a great strategy for monetizing non-paying users who don’t make in-app purchases. In comparison to other formats, mobile video ad CPM can be among the highest, meaning developers can earn significantly more revenue by utilizing mobile video ads as part of their monetization strategy.

Enhance the user experience

Maximizing ad revenue and providing the best user experience requires a delicate balance. In-app video ads are among the most preferred ad units, since they can be enjoyable to watch and interact with. When coupled with the right, non-intrusive placement, app developers can actually enhance user experience by strategically placing appealing video ads in their mobile apps.

What are the different types of mobile video ad formats?

Rewarded video ads

Rewarded video ads give users a clear value exchange – users watch a video ad and receive rewards in return. They’re opt-in, boost in-app purchases, and encourage users to return.

Interstitial video ads

Interstitial video ads engage users with rich, customizable, and appealing static or in app video ads at natural pauses in an app’s flow, ensuring minimum disruption to user experience.

Interactive video ads

Interactive video ads invite users to engage, and then empower them to choose their own in-ad adventure, delighting them with personalization.

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