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So, why do you partner with ironSource?

Hear from our game developer partners on how we work together
to turn their great games into booming businesses

The people

Oli Christie

CEO at Neon Play

“Excellent talent aside, ironSource has some of the nicest people in the industry working for them. And as we all know, features and unique selling points play their part, but your relationship with your partners is the key to success!”
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Sofia Gilyazova

Head of Ad Monetization at Social Point

“I really value the level of support we get from ironSource. Our users are key for us and we want to make sure our partners value them and their opinions as much as we do.”
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Alexander Tarasov

Director of Marketing at Playrix

“It’s critically important to work with a partner who understands our larger business goals, and can work creatively to help us fulfill them. ironSource is exactly that kind of partner.”
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Andrew Stone

President at Random Logic Games

“I’ve got a great relationship with my account managers on both the supply and demand sides of the business. I’ve also been able to give direct feedback to the product team and shape future product releases.”
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The platform

Herdjie Zhou

CEO at Lucky Kat Studios

“We use the engagement rate tab often, since we do a lot of experimentation and A/B tests with ad placements. This way we can keep track of the results and what works best for the user experience.”
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Eyal Elad

Mobile User Acquisition Manager at Huuuge Games

“The bid manager saves me lots of time. Plus, I can do anything without my own BI or needing to export data to excel.”
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Vincent Hart de Keating

Co-Founder and Managing Director at Homa Games

“We love the cohort report because we can instantly see the overall effects of changes we’ve implemented in our game design or monetization strategy.”
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Sarah Yamanouchi

Associate Director of User Acquisition at Jam City

“The dashboard UI and reporting is clear and easy to navigate. The ROAS optimizer has proved to work for both regular UA and cross promotion campaigns so it’s our favorite!”
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The performance

Maxime Demeure

Co-Founder and COO at Madbox

“The ironSource product, both user acquisition and monetization, are extremely powerful and are constantly improving.”
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Gulnaz Saitova

User Acquisition Team Lead at Azur Games

“ironSource consistently meets our performance goals and really know how to acquire high-quality users at scale.”
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Robert Vu

Head of Publishing at Amanotes

“Moving to ironSource’s mediation platform really helped us maximize the revenue potential of our increased traffic.”
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Ryan Davies

Digital Marketing Manager at Kwalee

“ironSource helped us achieve similar CPIs with much better ROAS results – a UA manager’s dream.”
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