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CPA advertising, or cost per action advertising, is a conversion-driven tactic that doesn’t burn your budget. Engage high-intent shoppers, scale cost-efficiently, and drive positive ROAS.

The benefits of CPA marketing:

  • → Only pay for completed conversions
  • → Set custom conversion targets
  • → Consumer-first ad experience
  • → Bigger ROAS opportunities
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Features of a Cost Per Action (CPA) marketing campaign

Brand-safe environment

Run your CPA campaign on brand-safe apps that resonate with your target audience

Campaign support

Get a dedicated campaign manager for setup through optimization and leverage our award-winning design team to create high-impact assets

A/B testing

Test different instruction formats or alternative messaging, and get insights into which visual assets perform best

Is Cost Per Action (CPA) advertising right for you?

Guaranteed growth

Do you want to improve ROAS and scale cost-efficiently?

CPA revolutionizes the growth model by helping marketers tie ad spend directly to revenue. It’s more cost-effective and delivers higher conversion rates than paid social and search. In fact, two-thirds of mobile consumers on our network said they prefer Tapjoy’s rewarded experience over paid social ads.

Quality and quantity

Do you prioritize the customer experience?

The CPA model relies entirely on opt-in engagement from high-intent consumers. Consumers who choose to engage receive in-game rewards in the process. Advertisers enhance the gaming experience and facilitate positive interactions with your target audience.

Break out of the mainstream

Are you looking to reach new customers?

The Tapjoy offerwall reaches more than 1.5 billion mobile consumers monthly. While most marketers focus their entire growth strategy on search and social, you can beat the competition by targeting mobile consumers your competitors aren’t talking to.

Reach high intent consumers actively seeking brand offers

The CPA method of bidding is completely unique to Tapjoy. It allows you to pay only for completed purchases, so it was a no-brainer for us.

Jessica Carlson, Paid Media Manager, Manscaped

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Expert insights to supercharge your Cost Per Action (CPA) marketing campaigns

See CPA marketing strategies in action

Winc offset CACs and achieved brand safety at scale, resulting in a 26% CVR increase.

Your cost per action (CPA) guide to higher ROAS

Get the guide to understand the fundamentals of CPA, discover the unique benefits like no wasted ad spend and top-performing channels, and learn best practices for testing, optimizing, and troubleshooting CPA campaigns.

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