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Lilith Games, a Tapjoy partner since 2016, was founded in 2013 with a straightforward mission: to create fun games. This corporate philosophy, driven by the twin principles of simplicity and authenticity, has helped establish Lilith as a successful global publisher with titles like Rise of Kingdoms, Art of Conquest, and AFK Arena climbing high on app store charts. As a result, Lilith Games is now China’s third-largest game developer and publisher by overseas revenue.


Lilith Games first tested multi-reward CPE in one of their most successful apps: Rise of Kingdoms. Multi-Reward CPE appealed to Lilith because it had all the benefits of traditional CPE – allowing them the flexibility to choose their preferred engagement goals and only paying on goal completion – while delighting users with smaller rewards along the way increasing end goal completion, and ultimately allowed them to scale faster.

Behavioral analytics revealed that most users only made in-app purchases at higher levels in gameplay, however, this reality was at odds with Lilith’s core KPI, which focused on D7 ROAS. Enter Multi-Reward CPE. This new offer type rewards users at multiple touchpoints in-app, encouraging users to stay engaged for longer, within a short time frame.

The team set completion of a higher level than they had on their traditional CPE offer — “Level 17” — as the root event in the Multi-Reward CPE campaign. Lilith also targeted multiple easier events at a lower bid within the same offer to encourage more users to continue gameplay to complete the final conversion. This tactic kept users engaged as they entered the acquisition funnel. Meanwhile, the deeper events propelled high-quality users towards the spending threshold quicker.

After seeing some initial success, Lilith Games has continued to optimize its campaigns finding the perfect mix of events to achieve their ROAS goals.


The results from implementing Tapjoy multi-reward CPE campaigns were outstanding for Rise of Kingdoms. The increase in installs highlights user preference for the Multi-Reward Offer resulting in nearly doubling the number of app installs compared to traditional CPE. Multi-Reward CPE brought roughly 2.3 times more conversions compared to the traditional CPE offer, and D7 ROAS saw a significant growth of 200%.


More user installs


Growth rate in D7 ROAS

"Tapjoy’s new product, multi-reward CPE, has enabled us to reach new, high-value users, bringing us quality and scale. Since implementing multi-reward engagements, we’ve almost doubled the number of new players in Rise of Kingdoms, and we’re seeing higher conversion rates and ROI."

- Shi Tang, Head of Global Traffic Development, Lilith Games

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