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Appynation is a UK-based mobile game developer and publisher known for their puzzle hits, including Picture Cross, Puzzle Page, and One Clue Crossword. When the studio wanted to increase revenue and boost conversions for Picture Cross, the Unity team recommended optimizing their Offerwall using the Message to Earn (M2E) feature on Tapjoy from Unity.

Peter Williamson, CEO of Appynation, explains how this optimization increased their iOS revenue 9x and their Android revenue 2x, and substantially grew their engagement and conversions, all without cannibalizing their in-app purchase (IAP) revenue stream. This case study breaks down the steps they took to make it happen.

Optimizing Offerwall with Tapjoy’s Message to Earn 

“We’ve been running the Tapjoy Offerwall on our apps for several years now, and our currency sales have produced great results. We wanted to increase Picture Cross’ revenue, engagement and conversions, so the Unity team recommended Message to Earn (M2E). With the M2E feature, we can notify users during currency sales, utilizing a pop-up message designed to lead traffic to our Offerwall and boost engagement. 

Initially, we were concerned that using M2E could harm our IAP revenue stream, but upon implementation we were thrilled to see it had no negative impact on IAP. In fact, we found that M2E offered a quick and easy solution for adding custom content to the placements on our Offerwall dashboard. With M2E, we’ve been able to add customizable messaging and pop-ups easily without the need for developers to create deep links from our internal messaging system, and without having to update our app. 

Unlocking 2x higher revenue, 74x more impressions, and 3x higher conversions on Android

To get ready for the holiday season, we implemented the M2E feature in our Android app. This was the first time in years we tried pop-up messaging to promote our currency sales. Using a 2x multiplier during our Halloween currency sale, we ran messaging with the M2E feature from October 27 through November 1. Adding the Halloween-themed pop-up to our main menu placement was a great way to alert users to our special promotion running during this time. 

Appynation Halloween M2E

With the addition of M2E, we reached many more users who had deeper Offerwall engagement, increased our Android revenue 2x, generated 74x more impressions, and drove 3x more conversions during currency sales.

Appynation Android

Generating 9x higher revenue, 84x more impressions and 2.3x higher conversions on iOS

Additionally, we implemented messaging using M2E on iOS. Our M2E Halloween pop-up was central to our success, driving an 84x spike in Offerwall impressions, a 2.3x boost in conversions, and 9x increase in revenue.

We’re thrilled with the results M2E delivered on both Android and iOS. What’s more, we achieved our revenue growth and spike in impressions and conversions on each platform without cannibalizing our IAP revenue stream.  

Following our success with Picture Cross, we expanded our utilization of M2E to our largest app, Puzzle Page, implementing the feature for the Thanksgiving currency sale, and others that followed throughout the year. In the future, we hope to implement M2E across even more apps, participate in all Tapjoy currency sales with M2E, and test higher multipliers. We also plan to add our own notifications and build out our creative strategies to further boost our performance.” 

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