Partnering with a strong mediation provider has never been more important. As the shift to bidding and mounting privacy regulations present challenges for app publishers, using a mediation that can boost your business across both monetization and user acquisition is critical. In 2024, LevelPlay is releasing significant product updates designed to help you drive more revenue, connect with high-quality users, and streamline the experience from game creation to growth. The combined updates will be transformational, making the ad mediation an all-new LevelPlay.

In the first phase, LevelPlay has already released support for a dedicated package in the Unity Editor Package Manager. This powers a dramatically easier integration process that is only available for Unity LevelPlay, simplifying mediation setup to enable Unity developers to start monetizing faster. Developers will be able to complete their mediation integration in the same place they build their games, with the LevelPlay integration a native part of Unity developers’ workflow. The package also reduces overhead for publishers by enabling them to upgrade their SDK without being required to update the whole Unity package.

But that’s not all. Over the coming months we’re releasing a series of additional product launches designed to maximize app growth and simplify growth management from every angle.

Upcoming phases of the roll-out include:

  • Major upgrades to network UA tech. Powered by a new generation of machine learning tech, the Unity Ads and ironSource Ads networks now make LevelPlay publishers’ UA more impactful than ever. Publishers who run automated ROAS campaigns are already seeing meaningful uplift in both scale and quality on both networks, and additional optimizations will be released on a rolling basis through the rest of the year.


  • Multiple ad units. Publishers will be able to load multiple ad units simultaneously, which means they can create a dynamic waterfall setup and customize the waterfall by in-app placement. This gives publishers more control over their ad strategy with additional ways to optimize for key metrics like latency and ARPDAU.


  • One home for Unity growth data. We’re centralizing data from Unity’s leading growth solutions into a new platform homepage, giving publishers an instant snapshot of the health of their app portfolio in one clear view. This new page will allow publishers to view UA and revenue data side-by-side, compare performance over set time periods, monitor their brand safety, and see combined network performance for Unity Ads and ironSource Ads. In addition to the two networks, the homepage will include LevelPlay and Ad Quality data, with Aura and Tapjoy Offerwall data coming next.


  • Platform experience revamp. We’re also updating our platform UX to make it simpler than ever to grow your game. It’ll take fewer steps to manage and optimize your ad strategy with smoother functionality and greater ease-of-use. The platform revamp will be wrapped up in a new UI reflecting Unity’s look and feel for an even more seamless flow from game creation to growth.


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