Case Study

PikPok is a mobile game publisher based in New Zealand, best known for their critically acclaimed Into the Dead® series, the Rival Stars® franchise, and the BAFTA-nominated Super Monsters Ate My Condo™. Working with the Unity team and products for several years now, the publisher has developed a strong and collaborative relationship with the team.  

In March 2023, PikPok implemented the Tapjoy Offerwall on their Rival Stars Horse Racing title. Looking for new ways to optimize their Offerwall performance, the Unity team recommended they implement cadence best practices for Message to Earn (M2E) during currency sales. Currency sales refer to special offers where users are given the chance to earn 1.5x to 10x more in-app rewards than usual for every ad they engage with, improving sales. Often, these take place during holidays or seasonal changes.

M2E is a Tapjoy Offerwall feature that allows apps to reach users with a custom notification that alerts them to ongoing or upcoming sales.

Hear from Silver Wilford, Advertising Monetization Manager at PikPok, on how the team increased Offerwall revenue 2x with M2E. 

Making the switch to the Tapjoy Offerwall

"In January 2023, we moved from the ironSource Offerwall to Tapjoy from Unity, the Offerwall solution by Unity. We were looking to optimize our Offerwall performance, particularly on iOS. Our team A/B tested it on Rival Stars: Horse Racing and, following very promising results, we decided to make the switch, transferring all of our Offerwall traffic to Tapjoy from Unity in March.

This switch highlighted the potential of the Offerwall to drive significant revenue, so we looked for ways to optimize the channel further. By now, we had established a collaborative and robust relationship with the Unity team and so we turned to them for further recommendations. 

Optimizing our currency sales with M2E

To drive even greater Offerwall revenue, the team at Unity recommended we implement M2E as well as their cadence best practices during currency sales, with the goal of driving engagement. M2E best practices are for users to receive a notification about a promotion every 24-48 hours it’s running. 

Increasing Offerwall revenue 2x 

We decided to implement Unity’s Offerwall best practices, notifying users at least once every 24 hours when a sale was active. With M2E and the recommended cadence, users were now engaging with the Offerwall more frequently and were more consistently completing offers. The result was 2x the revenue generated from the Offerwall during currency sales. 

Even greater reliance on the Offerwall in the future

After these results, we understood that the Offerwall had major revenue generation potential - offering significant and unique revenue while also supporting our other monetization tools.

Our Tapjoy Offerwall performance has only continued to improve, prompting us to add further placements for users to enter into it. We now have three easily identifiable entry points for the Offerwall in Rival Stars Horse Racing - including a highly visible in-app store placement and a timed home screen placement. 

Since adding these placements in December 2023, we’ve seen a 45% increase in average daily payout and Offerwall engagement has doubled compared to when we previously had only a single placement.

All of this wouldn’t have been possible without the expertise and dedicated support of the Unity team. We look forward to our continued collaboration with them."

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