Daily Rewards:

Bring users back to your app every day

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What are Daily Rewards?

Give users rewards for
every task they complete

Encourage users to return each day to earn more rewards as they progress through tasks, promoting user engagement, supporting player loyalty, and driving long-term value.

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Maximize the impact of event-based optimization

Increase CVR and scale

With millions of passionate players opening the offerwall everyday, Daily Rewards is a low-friction way for mobile gamers to earn currency, driving higher CVR and scale.

Get higher ROAS

Incentivizing users to return to your app every day to progress through your game, create stronger engagement and drive retention from users who really want to be there.

Manage bids easier

Set a maximum bid to be paid if a user completes the final event in your funnel, then let the offerwall distribute the rewards evenly, reducing hassle.

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How King drove incremental scale with Daily Rewards, exceeding their D7 ROAS goal by 1.5x
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