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King is a global leader in the interactive entertainment industry with more than 200 titles, including worldwide hits like Candy Crush Saga, Candy Crush Soda Saga, Farm Heroes Saga, and Bubble Witch 3 Saga. For several years, King has been promoting their games through the Tapjoy from Unity Offerwall and has seen impressive results. Excited to optimize the channel even further to reach incremental scale and boost ROAS, the Unity team introduced King to Tapjoy’s new Daily Rewards CPE campaigns.

Daily Rewards is a newly-launched campaign type that encourages users to return to the app each day to earn more rewards as they progress further in the game, driving long-term value for the advertiser. It gives users rewards for every task they complete in an app, such as finishing a level, playing a certain number of games or winning a battle. The daily nature of the rewards is ideally suited for audiences that prefer short challenges with fast and frequent rewards.

Tom Collard, Associate Director Performance Marketing at King, explains how implementing a Daily Rewards CPE campaign has driven incremental scale, surpassing their D7 ROAS goal by 1.5x.

Inspiring users to return to our app every day with Tapjoy’s Daily Rewards

“We’ve been running campaigns with the Tapjoy from Unity Offerwall for years now, and we’ve seen our Multi Rewards UA campaigns achieve great success. That’s why we were excited to test Tapjoy’s Daily Rewards as a new way to drive growth and improve ROAS for our game, Candy Crush Saga. With Daily Rewards, we’ve been able to reach new casual players we didn’t have access to before, increasing their engagement within our game by creating a more frequent value exchange for their progression. 

“We’re thrilled with Daily Rewards and its transformative impact on our ability to scale Candy Crush Saga. We’ve now exceeded our D7 ROAS goal 1.5x and generated much higher scale than before.”

Managing and optimizing campaigns with assistance from the Unity team

One of the best parts about running with Daily Rewards was the easy bid management. To launch the campaign, all we had to do was set a maximum bid to be paid if a user completes the final task in our funnel, and then Tapjoy distributed the rewards evenly.

Almost immediately after launching, we started to see positive results even with a relatively conservative approach, prompting us to want to optimize and increase our bids. The Unity team closely monitored our campaign performance, and made beneficial recommendations on how to optimize our funnel structure, duration, creatives, bids, and budgets. 

To increase engagement and rewards, we expanded our funnel structure and increased the number of levels offered in the campaign from 1,000 to 1,500 with a daily cap of 100 levels. Since implementing the level change in February, we’ve seen an increasing trend in both spend and completions. 

We also worked with the Unity team to optimize our bids on different sources according to their quality, raising bids on top-performing sources - and we’ve been scaling ever since. We maintain open lines of communication with the Unity team regarding campaign performance, and engage in weekly optimization assessments to ensure we are scaling with high-quality users.

Generating incremental scale while exceeding our D7 ROAS by 1.5x

We’re thrilled with Daily Rewards and its transformative impact on our ability to scale Candy Crush Saga. We’ve now exceeded our D7 ROAS goal 1.5x and generated much higher scale than before. What's more, since each campaign attracts different audiences, we continue to achieve combined scale from our concurrent Daily Rewards and Multi Rewards campaigns, showing how the two campaign types nicely compliment one another.

Tapjoy's Daily Rewards drives incremental growth

King exceeds D7 ROAS while increasing in scale

Soon after seeing these results, we decided to launch an additional Daily Rewards campaign in the US to drive scale for another of our  hit games, Candy Crush Soda Saga. We’ve already seen our UA scale and a higher D7 ROAS on this campaign. 

When it comes to driving incremental scale, Daily Rewards is a game changer. We look forward to continued growth with Daily Rewards as the reward type becomes available in more apps and across more geos. Whatever new steps our Unity team can take to keep scaling our campaigns on Tapjoy, we’re all for it.”

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