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Use banner ad monetization with ironSource for a simple way to generate revenue for your app and expose your traffic to brand demand. Supported by ironSource mediation, banners are available through ironSource in-app bidding.

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mobile banner advertising and monetization

What are banner ads?

Mobile banner ads are rectangular system-initiated ad units that are typically displayed on the top or bottom of the screen, remaining on the screen for the entire user session. The ads displayed inside can be static images, videos, or interactive. In addition, the ads can be refreshed according to the schedule determined by the developer.

Types of banner ads

  • MREC banners: Slightly larger than traditional banners and function like full-screen interstitials

  • Static image banners: Banners that only display static image creatives

  • Video banners: Banners that display video creatives

  • Interactive banners: Banners that the user can interact and play with

Banner ads monetization

How much money do banner ads make?

According to Business of Apps, eCPM rates for banners ads ranged from $0.16 to $0.38 globally for iOS in 2021. Mobile banner ads are excellent ad units for generating incremental revenue for your app. That’s because brand advertisers tend to spend more budget on banners than other ad units, so you earn additional revenue that you couldn’t get with other ad units.

How can banner ads increase app revenue?

Boost your app revenue

An easy way to tap into brand demand without interfering with the user experience, implementing banner ads into your monetization strategy is a surefire way to increase your app’s overall revenue.

Expose your traffic to new brand demand

Most SDK networks ensure safety and strong performance, which makes them a great fit for brand advertisers looking to build awareness. Running banner ads from SDK networks allows you to tap into these brand campaigns.

Diversify your monetization strategy

By adding banners into the mix and leveraging multiple ad units, you can be sure your monetization strategy reaches both users who opt in to interact with user-initiated ad units, as well as those who don’t.

Implement quickly and easily

Fixed on the top or bottom of the screen, banner ads are easy to place in your app, because they don’t need to fit inside the game loop or app experience.

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