Case Study

MY.GAMES is a leading game publisher and developer based in Amsterdam known for their arcade, RPG, shooter, simulation, lifestyle, and puzzle games and responsible for hits like Rush Royale, War Robots, Hustle Castle, and Left to Survive. MY.GAMES has been using Tapjoy from Unity for several years with very positive results, and wanted to find a new way to optimize Offerwall for their arcade game, Rush Royale. The Unity team suggested looking at their global strategy and adopting geo multipliers.

Dmitry Kovalenko, Deputy Chief Ad Monetization Officer at MY.GAMES, explains how utilizing Tapjoy from Unity’s geo multipliers tool increased conversions by 82%, grew their total Offerwall revenue by 181%, and boosted their Offerwall user’s ARPU by 90% in the countries where they applied geo multipliers, without any negative effect on IAP.

Optimizing the Tapjoy Offerwall

"As long-standing Unity clients, we started monetizing with the Offerwall many years ago as an additional revenue stream and have seen consistently positive results. The Offerwall serves as an in-app marketplace where users can complete multiple offers in exchange for in-app rewards. 

We decided to begin optimizing markets we hadn’t focused on before and where we were seeing less impact. This is when our Account Manager at Unity introduced us to the advanced geo multipliers feature, which allows us to optimize our monetization funnel on a geo basis. 

When advertisers place bids on our offers, they base their bids on how much they are willing to pay for a user to take action. With Rush Royale, we were initially applying one universal exchange rate for all geos in our Offerwall, which meant rewards cost the same to advertisers across the world. However, in countries like Indonesia, Brazil, Philippines, Egypt, and Mexico, Rush Royale users were seeing significantly different reward options as compared to other geos.

To increase engagement and conversion rates in our Offerwall offers in these markets, we worked with the Unity team to adjust our geo multipliers and A/B tested its impact. We multiplied our rewards by 3 for every $1 USD in these specific geos as a best practice. When we made the adjustment, we started to see a spike in Offerwall conversions, leading to a much higher payout.

MY.GAMES increases Offerwall revenue with Tapjoy

After seeing an increase in revenue in these geos, it was time to expand our reach and open up our geo multipliers to an additional 105 markets.  

“The Offerwall’s geo multipliers increased our conversions, leading to an 82% increase, and grew our Offerwall user’s ARPU 2x, resulting in a 181% spike in total Offerwall revenue. Tapjoy from Unity has transformed our monetization strategy in markets we weren’t optimizing before, expanding our reach globally.”

Maximizing revenue without cannibalizing in-app purchases

The impressive results of Tapjoy from Unity’s geo multipliers have positively impacted Rush Royale’s growth - nearly doubling our conversions, tripling our Offerwall user’s ARPU, and significantly broadening our global reach. The best part is that after we implemented geo multipliers, we didn’t see any decrease in IAP (in-app purchase) revenue even though we initially thought Offerwall might cannibalize part of our IAP revenue.

“Tapjoy from Unity’s powerful geo multipliers allowed us to optimize our monetization strategy in multiple markets.”
Continuing to optimize

As a policy, we have implemented Tapjoy from Unity in each suitable game. We look forward to continuing to implement Tapjoy from Unity as our gold standard with each new game release, as we find even more ways to maximize our growth."

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