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How to maintain control and transparency with in-app bidding
Savannah Cookson
Compared to traditional waterfall instances, in-app bidding can be advantageous. However one concern raised within the c...
  • Game growth
  • in-app bidding
  • ...
    • monetization
Case Study
How Appynation optimized the Tapjoy Offerwall, multiplying iOS revenue 9x and increasing Android revenue 2x without cannibalizing IAP
Appynation, Picture Cross
Appynation is a UK-based mobile game developer and publisher known for their puzzle hits, including Picture Cross, Puzzl...
  • monetization
  • offerwall
  • ...
    • tapjoy
Case Study
How MY.GAMES transformed their monetization strategy and expanded their global reach with Tapjoy, increasing their Offerwall revenue by 181% without sacrificing any IAP revenue
MY.GAMES, Rush Royale
MY.GAMES is a leading game publisher and developer based in Amsterdam known for their arcade, RPG, shooter, simulation, ...
  • monetization
  • offerwall
  • ...
    • tapjoy
Unity and Google expand partnership with availability of Unity's networks as bidders into Google AdMob's SDK bidding program
Unity is delighted to announce that Unity Ads and ironSource Ads will soon start their alpha as real-time SDK bidders on...
  • company news
  • monetization

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Case Study
How Pocket FM monetized their non-paying users with ads and offerwall, boosting revenue 20%
Pocket FM Corp., PocketFM
Pocket FM Corp. is an Indian studio known for its hit Pocket FM, one of the of the most popular audiobook apps in India....
  • monetization
  • offerwall
  • ...
    • rewarded video
Case Study
How LBC Studios boosted ARPDAU 37% using Unity LevelPlay’s A/B testing tool
LBC Studios,
LBC studios is a Canadian gaming studio founded in 2015 known for their hit game, Hempire. When the studio wanted to boo...
  • ab testing
  • monetization
The shift from hyper to hybrid-casual games (and why it matters for everyone)
Samantha Benjamin
The last 4 years are widely regarded as the age of hyper-casual. In just a few short years, the genre went from being re...
  • games
  • hyper-casual
  • ...
    • monetization
    • user acquisition

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