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How to maximize growth with offerwall special promotions: tips for the holiday season
Maya Fehler
App engagement peaks during the holiday season - according to our client research, about half of people will play mobile...
  • holiday
  • monetization
  • ...
    • offerwall
    • user acquisition
The new TCF 2.2 and CMPs: what you need to know
Božo JankovićGameBiz Consulting
In this LevelUp episode, Jess Overton sits down with Božo Janković, Head of Ad Monetization at GameBiz Consulting. Toget...
  • mediation
  • monetization
Case Study
How Ok Cashbag & Syrup boosted their revenue 63% with Unity LevelPlay mediation and 225% with the Tapjoy offerwall
OK Cashbag, Syrup
OK Cashbag is South Korea's largest integrated mileage service, with over 50,000 partner merchants and approximately 24 ...
  • mediation
  • monetization
  • ...
    • offerwall
    • rewarded video
Case Study
How Big Fish Games boosted their offerwall revenue 96% and IAP ARPDAU by 10% with the Tapjoy offerwall
Big Fish Games, EverMerge: Match 3 Puzzle Game
Big Fish Games is a casual gaming company based in Seattle, Washington. They’re home to thousands of casual hits, includ...
  • monetization
  • offerwall

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Gaining visibility into the user experience: the metrics to focus on
Keren Karol, Product Manager at Unity
As developers in the mobile gaming industry become increasingly sophisticated in user engagement, it’s critical to keep ...
  • monetization
  • user experience
How to maximize the performance of your mobile game: 3 tips from a Unity game design consultant
Anna Popereko, Senior Game Designer at Unity
Growing a mobile game is a complex process with many steps. As a game design consultant, it’s my job to analyze each gam...
  • analytics
  • monetization
Machine learning and programmatic advertising: Q&A with Moloco
Rahul Verma
Machine learning has been around for a long time. First coined in 1959 when the technology was used to detect speech pat...
  • monetization
  • user acquisition

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