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3 monetization mistakes your strategy game is making and 5 must-have rewarded video placements
Anna Popereko, Game Design Consultant at ironSource
Because strategy games tend to be so intricately designed, we often see developers try to create equally intricate ad mo...
  • monetization
  • rewarded video
From core to meta gameplay: 8 ad placements to boost your hyper-casual game’s LTV
Anna Popereko and Roman Shyshkin, Game Design Consultants
The hyper-causal genre thrives on its famously low CPIs and LTVs, which enable developers to affordably buy users at sca...
  • hyper-casual
  • monetization
  • ...
    • rewarded video
Optimizing your monetization strategy with cross-team collaboration
Alice Muir Phiture
In this episode of Out of the Box, our host Jess Overton, Sr. Director of Sales and Partnerships at ironSource Aura, sit...
  • apps
  • monetization
Case Study
How Candywriter increased Ad ARPDAU 26% after switching to Unity LevelPlay
Candywriter is a mobile game studio based out of Miami that’s part of the Stillfront Group. Today, they have 18 games in...
  • games
  • monetization
  • ...
    • user acquisition

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How to run special offerwall promotions that boost revenue and retention
Sapir Cohen, Growth Strategy Manager
The more downtime we have, the more we’re on our phones - which is why app engagement typically spikes during weekends a...
  • monetization
  • offerwall
How to create habit forming apps: Q&A with Admiral Media
ironSource sat down with Florian Gleissner, Marketing Manager at Admiral Media, an award winning performance marketing a...
  • apps
  • monetization
  • ...
    • user acquisition
Going off autopilot in ad monetization: 4 innovative strategies to start implementing
Maya Fehler
It's easy to stick with strategies that work - but incremental growth comes from balancing exactly that with constant te...
  • hyper-casual
  • monetization
  • ...
    • rewarded video

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