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Case Study
How Wonder Group boosted ARPDAU 24% and reached #2 on the US charts with Unity LevelPlay mediation
Wonder Group, Save the Doge
Wonder Group is a Chinese mobile gaming studio home to hyper-casual games like Save the Doge. Wonder Group wanted to boo...
  • ab testing
  • mediation
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    • monetization
    • user acquisition
Case Study
How CashWalk increased revenue by 225% and engagement rate by 5x working with Unity LevelPlay
CashWalk, CashWalk
CashWalk, an app based out of Korea, lets you earn rewards for walking or running, which can be exchanged for gift cards...
  • monetization
  • offerwall
How to maximize your app’s revenue by minimizing latency
Ravid NaoriProduct Manager at Unity LevelPlay
  • latency
  • monetization
The top 5 rewarded video placements to boost your puzzle game’s revenue
Anna Popereko, Game Design Consultant at ironSource
According to, puzzle games have now racked up over 3 billion mobile game downloads and are the 5th largest genre...
  • games
  • monetization

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Case Study
How story-based app Tapas boosted eCPM by 30% with the Tapjoy offerwall
Tapas, Tapas
Tapas Entertainment is a Korean company famous for its story-based apps, like their hit app Tapas - a leading publishing...
  • monetization
  • offerwall
User motivations: Where game design and monetization meet
Anna PoperekoironSource from Unity
In this LevelUp episode, Melissa sits down with Anna Popereko, Game Design Consultant at ironSource from Unity. They tal...
  • monetization
How to overcome the in-app purchase revenue gap in 2023
Anna Popereko, Game Design Consultant at ironSource
Now that players’ budgets are tightening, it’s becoming more important for midcore and hardcore games to diversify their...
  • monetization
  • rewarded video

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