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Mobile game creative trends to supercharge your app’s UA 
Daniel Godley
User acquisition is at the core of app growth, and creatives are one of the best tools UA managers have to reach and eng...
  • creatives
  • user acquisition
Case Study
Loadcomplete raises D7 revenue by 30% and retention 150% with Luna’s one-stop shop for creative analysis
Loadcomplete, Legend of Slime
Since 2009, Korean mobile game publisher Loadcomplete has produced 15 successful titles for mobile gamers to enjoy globa...
  • creative optimization
  • creatives
AI and creatives: Now, later, and the far-future
Dan Greenberg
In this LevelUp episode, Melissa sits down with our very own maestro of creatives Dan Greenberg, Chief Design Officer at...
  • creative production
  • creatives
Case Study
MondayOFF finds their hero creative in less than a week with Luna Dynamic Playable
MondayOFF, Change and Drop
MondayOFF is a fast-growing global hyper-casual publisher. Launching in 2018, they had 5 million MAU in just the first y...
  • creative production
  • creatives

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Outsource vs. in-house: The best way to build creatives in 2023
Vitaly GladkovAppQuantum
In this LevelUp episode, Melissa gets into building the dream creative team with Vitaly Gladkov, Creative Department Lea...
  • creative optimization
  • creatives
  • ...
    • user acquisition
Building your 3 pronged holiday UA strategy: Creatives, offerwall, and on-device advertising
Davis Silver
Time spent in apps always peaks during the holiday season. The key to making that uplift work for your user acquisition ...
  • creative production
  • creatives
  • ...
    • offerwall
    • on-device advertising
    • user acquisition
Tap To Reveal: The new JPEG-based interactive ad template for Luna Elements
Paola Croce, Product Associate at ironSource Luna
Interactive ads are consistently the best performing formats to run on SDK networks. They entice users with a preview of...
  • creative production
  • creatives

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