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Analyzing cohort reports: The what, why, when, and how
Reuben Lewis
What are cohort reports? In today’s market, analytics is a prerequisite to turning a game into a profitable business. A...
  • analytics
  • KPIs
  • ...
    • monetization
What is eCPM and how to calculate it
Jasmine Cohen
eCPM calculation, formula and meaning eCPM meaning eCPM is a term that’s thrown around quite often in the mobile adver...
  • KPIs
  • monetization
What the hell is ARPDAU and how can you boost it?
Grace Lown
ARPDAU: Calculation, formula, and meaning For an app developer wanting to understand more about the health of their app...
  • KPIs
  • monetization
How to set ROAS goals that maximize user acquisition profit
Amir ShakedironSource
Learn how to maximize profit by calculating the right ROAS goal for your user acquisition campaign.
  • KPIs
  • ua optimizer
  • ...
    • user acquisition

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Mobile game KPIs, analytics & metrics every developer should be paying attention to
Lauren Luz
Mobile game KPIs, analytics & metrics every developer should be paying attention to We’re living in a data-driven w...
  • KPIs
Case Study
Homa Games boosts ROI using ARPU insights from ironSource cohort reports
Homa Games, Tiny Cars
About Homa Games is a hyper-casual publisher, which in 2019 formed out of BidMotion, a company that specializes in user...
  • games
  • KPIs
  • ...
    • monetization
Lifetime value: How app developers can maximize LTV
Melissa Zeloof
LTV, or lifetime value, is a critical metric which app developers use to measure overall app success. It does this by qu...
  • KPIs
  • monetization

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