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9 tips to boost your UA over the holidays
Sari Berkovich
In a season marked by high installs per mille (IPMs), the holidays are an optimal time for user acquisition (UA). During...
  • cross promotion
  • holiday
  • ...
    • offerwall
    • ua optimizer
    • user acquisition
How to maximize growth with offerwall special promotions: tips for the holiday season
Maya Fehler
App engagement peaks during the holiday season - according to our client research, about half of people will play mobile...
  • holiday
  • monetization
  • ...
    • offerwall
    • user acquisition
Case Study
IEC Games boosts D7 ROAS 41% with Aura from Unity’s Scale Optimizer 
IEC Games, Water Sort Puzzle
Vietnam-based mobile game studio IEC Games is best known for its snackable puzzle games, with over 600M downloads betwee...
  • on-device advertising
  • Out of the Box
  • ...
    • user acquisition
5 key takeaways on consumer engagement with shopping apps
Savannah Cookson
Online shopping is common practice these days, but how well do we really know how consumers prioritize shopping apps on ...
  • apps
  • retail
  • ...
    • user acquisition

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How to master marketing for the holidays in 2023
Davis Silver
Knowing when, where, and how to best run your mobile advertising user acquisition campaigns during the holiday season can generate significant returns. Unity created a playbook for mobile marketers to navigate the holiday landscape, analyzing insights from a survey of 16,000 respondents.
  • apps
  • user acquisition
Mobile game creative trends to supercharge your app’s UA 
Daniel Godley
User acquisition is at the core of app growth, and creatives are one of the best tools UA managers have to reach and eng...
  • creatives
  • user acquisition
Case Study
NEOWIZ lowers CPA by 20% on Apple Search Ads with Luna from Unity
NEOWIZ, Golf Impact: World Tour
NEOWIZ is a Korean game publisher that works closely with developers to create high-quality online games published on mu...
  • apple search ads
  • user acquisition

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