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The shift from hyper to hybrid-casual games (and why it matters for everyone)
Samantha Benjamin
The last 4 years are widely regarded as the age of hyper-casual. In just a few short years, the genre went from being re...
  • games
  • hyper-casual
  • ...
    • monetization
    • user acquisition
Roblox properly understood: lessons for virtual economies
Phillip BlackGame Economist Consulting
In this LevelUp episode, Melissa sits down with Phillip Black, Game Economist at Game Economist Consulting and a cohost ...
  • games
The Unity Gaming Report: Diving in with the team behind it
Emory Irpan and Nathan TenboerUnity
In this LevelUp episode, Melissa sits down with Emory Irpan and Nathan TenBoer, Director of Operations, Consultancy, and...
  • games
Leadership in games: solving the human puzzle genre
Sophie VoSavage Games
In this LevelUp episode, Jasmine sits down with Sophie Vo, GM at Savage Games. Together, they dive into the the role of ...
  • games

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The top 5 rewarded video placements to boost your puzzle game’s revenue
Anna Popereko, Senior Game Designer at Unity
According to, puzzle games have now racked up over 3 billion mobile game downloads and are the 5th largest genre...
  • games
  • monetization
Narrative in mobile games: why the story matters
Lisa BrunetteBrunette Games
In this LevelUp episode, Melissa sits down with Lisa Brunette, Narrative Designer and Game Writer at Brunette Games. The...
  • games
Mastering the world of IPs
Josh BurnsFunPlus
In this LevelUp episode, Melissa sits down with Josh Burns, Senior Director of Business Development at FunPlus. They get...
  • games
  • user acquisition

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