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App Analytics: 3 ways to optimize performance by combining player and growth data
Shir Moller, Product Manager at ironSource
Optimizing monetization and UA is key for growth - but they only get you so far if the app itself isn't optimized. In fa...
  • analytics
  • monetization
How to optimize your hybrid waterfall with CPM buckets
Akiva Glasenberg, Growth Strategy Manager at ironSource
In-app bidding has automated most waterfall optimization, yet developers still manage multiple hybrid waterfalls, each w...
  • analytics
  • monetization
Case Study
How Panteon used ironSource’s marketability testing tool to launch Airport Master to the top charts
Panteon, Airport Master!
Panteon is a Turkish game publisher responsible for many chart-topping hits, including 100 Mystery Buttons and Trading M...
  • analytics
  • games
  • ...
    • hyper-casual
Case Study
How Qiiwi Games used ironSource’s LevelPlay and Google's Firebase to simplify their data analysis
Qiiwi Games,
Qiiwi Games is a multi-platform game developer based in Sweden. Responsible for hits like Wordington and Hell’s Kitchen:...
  • ab testing
  • analytics
  • ...
    • games
    • mediation

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Exploring LevelPlay App Analytics: how to take action on your performance data
Shir MollerironSource
Turn data into actionable insights using ironSource's App Analytics tool and walk through various use cases and scenarios every game developer should look out for.
  • analytics
4 myths about cross promotion
Maya Fehler
In the webinar “How to Scale Your App Portfolio with Cross Promotion,” ironSource Growth Strategy Manager, Omer Katzburg...
  • analytics
  • monetization
5 analytics reports to optimize your monetization strategy
Maya Fehler
At ironSource’s “Setting Up, Analyzing, and Optimizing Your Ad Monetization” webinar, our growth strategy team leader, E...
  • analytics
  • monetization

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