Case Study

LBC Studios is an independent game studio located in Vancouver, Canada. 

They’re the indie developer and publisher behind the mobile game Hempire, with a highly anticipated second title coming soon. LBC Studios was ranked 3rd Fastest-Growing Startup in the 2019 Canadian Business Canada’s Top New Growth Companies.

The challenge

LBC Studios saw that non-paying users in Hempire were unable to compete with high-value spenders during some live competitions since Hempire rewards a maximum amount of hard currency from rewarded videos. 

The team at LBC Studios was looking for an ad monetization solution that was easy to integrate and would guarantee high performance. 

The solution

LBC Studios decided to integrate the ironSource offerwall into Hempire, in order to provide non-paying users the opportunity to receive hundreds of diamonds by completing offerwall tasks. Since LBC was already using the ironSource mediation platform, technical resources dedicated to integration were minimal. 

LBC Studios found the ironSource offerwall to be highly flexible, as they were able to customize the UI, manage the types of offers available, schedule 2x promos for up to 6 days, and easily view performance reports within the ironSource platform. 

The results

Once LBC Studios integrated the ironSource offerwall, they saw overall ARPDAU increase by 30%. The offerwall also delivered exceptionally high eCPMs in all of Hempire’s target markets, high fill rates on Android, and an ARPDEU that was 4x higher than rewarded video. 

“ironSource’s mediation platform, interactive dashboard, and progressive product pipeline are key for us. Their team’s unbiased goal to improve performance and revenue is integral to our partnership.”

Kevan O’Brien, Marketing Director at LBC Studios

LBC Studios hit an engagement rate of 5.5%, as high-quality users were finally able to compete with their spending counterparts. Moreover, LBC Studios noted there was no impact on in-app purchases and other forms of monetization such as rewarded video and interstitials. 




Engagement rate

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