Case Study
How Concrete Software found success with ironSource mediation

With the switch to ironSource mediation, Concrete Software increased ARPDAU by 18% across their portfolio of games. As a mediation partner, Concrete Software benefits from the ironSource Platform team’s unique insights - finding areas in which small changes can have a big impact.


Concrete Software was looking to increase revenue and ARPDAU and chose ironSource as their mediation partner to help them get there.  Looking to find success across their game portfolio, Concrete Software decided to test ironSource’s mediation solution. 


To help Concrete Software truly succeed and optimize their monetization strategy, the ironSource Platform team began an initial competitive analysis for the game company: 

Networks and bidders: What's missing?

First, ironSource utilized mediation data to review the networks and bidders live on similar games - and found 2 networks and 1 bidder with high-performing ad sources that Concrete Software wasn’t utilizing.

Instance set-up and price points: Room for improvement?

Next, ironSource analyzed Concrete Software’s waterfall setup by reviewing ARPDAU and eCPM performance across all of their live networks. Though Concrete Software was using in-app bidding, which automatically optimized the waterfall, the game team still had instances set up for crucial non-bidding networks. Through the analysis, ironSource recommended removing more than 10 instances within the waterfall that had unoptimized eCPM rates and positions - causing lower-performing traffic to take up a higher share of voice of impressions.


By using strong bidding networks, optimizing instances, and adjusting instance positions, Concrete Software was able to boost revenue by 2x. Meanwhile, ARPDAU increased 18% by aligning relevant demand sources.


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