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After switching to ironSource’s mediation platform, Concrete Software doubled revenue and increased ARPDAU by 18% across their portfolio of games. Read on to learn why they made the switch and how they used ironSource to grow. 

Deciding to switch to ironSource

The monetization team at Concrete Software had been using the same mediation platform for years, but weren’t finding the revenue and ARPDAU results they were looking for. To help them get the results they knew they could, Concrete Software decided to test ironSource’s mediation solution.

Integrating the SDK

First came setting up and integrating the ironSource SDK into Concrete Software’s apps. According to Eric Dawson, Advertising and Monetization Manager at Concrete Software, “working in Unity, it was very easy to add all the networks and adapters. Plus, the support team was super helpful in giving us what we needed, with really quick response times”. In general, Concrete Software has found that ironSource mediation “works well and isn’t complicated”.

Optimizing the waterfall together

To help Concrete Software get the most out of the mediation platform, ironSource ran a competitive analysis for them. First, ironSource reviewed networks and bidders that were live on similar games to the ones in Concrete Software’s portfolio - and found 2 high-performing networks and 1 bidder that Concrete Software wasn’t utilizing. 

Next, ironSource analyzed Concrete Software’s waterfall setup by reviewing ARPDAU and eCPM performance across all of their live networks. Though Concrete Software was using in-app bidding, which automatically optimized the waterfall, the game team still had instances set up for crucial non-bidding networks. Through the analysis, ironSource recommended removing more than 10 instances within the waterfall that had unoptimized eCPM rates and positions, and were causing lower-performing traffic to take up a higher share of voice of impressions.

Leveraging deep reporting

Concrete Software has their own internal reporting dashboard where they can analyze performance (eCPM, impressions, etc) from other networks. Meanwhile, the reporting ironSource mediation provides allows the team to “go deeper, by splitting by ad network and ad format to get an understanding of trends over time. This helps a lot with optimizations and helps to understand what is impacting changes in SOV”, according to Eric Dawson.

Doubling revenue with ironSource

By switching to ironSource’s mediation platform, Concrete Software was able to boost revenue by 2x and increase ARPDAU by 18%.

“Put simply, we are making more money with ironSource than we were with our previous mediation platform”

- Eric Dawson, Advertising and Monetization Manager at Concrete Software

Leveraging the strong networks available on ironSource mediation and working with the ironSource team to optimize instances was enough to convince Concrete Software to move all of their traffic to ironSource mediation and make a full switch. 


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