Case Study

Tap4Fun is a game developer based in China, responsible for hit simulation games like Age of Apes, Kiss of War, and Kingdom Guard. When they wanted to boost Kingdom Guard’s ROAS performance and player lifetime value, the Unity team recommended taking a look at their Tapjoy offerwall events. Together, they explored how they can make their events more straightforward for users to complete.

Carrie Ge, Business Development Manager at Tap4Fun, explains how simplifying their offerwall events increased their monthly spending by over 3x - and their D30 ROAS by 100%.

Modifying our offerwall UA strategy

Once the Unity team took a close look at our offerwall events, they noticed a pattern: users only had a certain amount of time to complete them, making it challenging for some players to progress through each event.

To increase our conversion rate and keep high-value users engaged in our events, the Unity team recommended adjusting our events and testing the impact. We made two changes: we removed time limits from two of our challenging events and added an “easier” event early in the flow. This ensured that users could advance further - and that the feeling of success could keep them motivated. From there, we tested increasing our bids 4x. 

It turns out this was a win-win - we saw a 3.6x increase in monthly spending, and doubled our D30 ROAS.

Continuing to optimize

Once we saw that optimizing our offerwall events could help us reach more users, we made adjustments to ensure our users would pass certain high-value events in the game. To continue optimizing and maximizing completions, we adjusted our bids per app on a weekly basis, and increased our bids during special promotions, also known as currency sales

We also found other ways to optimize our offerwall event flow. To maximize engagement for high-quality users, we added some challenging events at the end of our flow. To encourage even more offerwall participation, we offered double rewards to users who completed events within a specific time frame (e.g. 30 days). They not only got 2x the standard offerwall rewards, but also received double rewards in our advertised game, Kingdom Guard.

"Since these users were more invested in completing the events, they were higher quality - their lifetime value far outweighed the cost of their acquisition."

- Carrie Ge, Business Development Manager at Tap4Fun

Thanks to these optimizations, we were able to triple the number of new users quarter over quarter. Not to mention, since these users were more invested in completing the events, they were higher quality - their lifetime value far outweighed the cost of their acquisition.

From doubling rewards to adjusting offerwall events - it turned out that optimizing the Tapjoy offerwall was exactly what we needed to scale up and get quality users. In fact, our UA budget increased tenfold from November to April, and Tapjoy is now one of our top 5 UA channels by spend. We look forward to seeing how we can optimize Tapjoy’s offerwall to reach our KPI goals in our other titles. 

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