Your guide to increasing offerwall traffic with currency sales

Learn how you can increase revenue and ROAS by joining offerwall currency sales
throughout the year. Keep scrolling for top-line data and benchmarks to get you started.

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Holiday weekends always boost offerwall revenue, but multiplying rewards takes it to the next level

*Compared to a regular weekend

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increase in revenue for 2x rewards



increase in revenue for 1x rewards



increase in revenue for 3x rewards


By tripling offerwall rewards, ER jumps by 65% and ARPDEU ? by 60%

*Compared to a regular weekend

Engagement rate
Completions per app impressions
⬆️ 20%
⬆️ 10%
⬆️ 8%
⬆️ 60%
⬆️ 40%
⬆️ 20%
⬆️ 65%
⬆️ 130%
⬆️ 60%
Pro tip: Add a pop up in your game to notify your users and increase engagement rate by

Advertisers who raise bids see offerwall completions skyrocket by 56%

Raised bids
Didn’t raise bids

⬆️ 56%

⬆️ 7%

And it’s not just completions, D7 ARPU grows across supply sources

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increase in D7 ARPU
on RPG️



increase in D7 ARPDU on lucky rewards games



increase in D7 ARPU on puzzle games



increase in D7 ARPU on non-games


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