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Mujoy Games is a studio based in Singapore that’s dedicated to bringing high-quality games to an international audience. Their portfolio of RPG games includes Kung Fu Supreme, Idle Immortal, and now: Idle Angels. 

For this recent title, which relies heavily on in-app purchases (IAPs), the Mujoy team used LevelPlay to improve their ad monetization strategy and add to the revenue generated from their in-app purchases. Here, Scott Su, Head of UA and Monetization at Mujoy, discusses what it was like using LevelPlay and working with the ironSource team to switch to in-app bidding and boost ARPDAU by 60%.





Focusing on IAPs while manually adjusting waterfalls

Our monetization strategy was heavily focused on IAPs, to the extent that they were generating 70% - 80% of our total revenue. Even though much of our attention was on our IAP strategy, we still aimed to improve our ad monetization because we knew it could drive incremental revenue for us. 

But our waterfall setup used non-bidding networks, which required a lot of manual overhead and daily adjustments. We were spending too much time making tweaks and optimizations to try and find just the right bid price - it took our attention away from other parts of our operation, like optimizing our IAP approach. Then the ironSource team suggested we try in-app bidding instead of the traditional waterfall setup we were running with.

Making the switch to bidding easy

The transition to in-app bidding on ironSource LevelPlay was simple, which was especially important for our team whose expertise lies more with IAPs than ad monetization. The platform included all the features and reporting capabilities we could ever need to track and improve our ad monetization strategy - and it was all very clear and easy to understand. 

The ironSource team helped us along the way by sharing their knowledge about in-app bidding, giving us detailed suggestions for our hybrid waterfall setup, and helping us monitor and optimize performance regularly. This helped us fill in our knowledge gaps around ad monetization and empowered us to make decisions on our own. 

With bidding, we no longer had to manually adjust our waterfalls - they’re automatically optimized to generate maximum revenue for each impression. We could now put our time and resources towards improving our IAP strategy, which is what we do best. 

Increasing ARPDAU by 60% and boosting revenue by 54%

Using ironSource LevelPlay for in-app bidding and applying their team’s recommendations helped improve our entire ad monetization performance. For example, by optimizing bid prices, we attracted high-value advertisers, and the in-app bidding structure helped us reduce latency and improve fill rate. Overall, ARPDAU increased by 60% and revenue increased by 54% since we began using ironSource for in-app bidding - and we’ve sustained an ARPDAU increase for months now.

The perfect complement to an IAP strategy

Improving our ad-based strategy was the final piece of the puzzle to help us maximize revenue and make the most out of our hybrid ad and IAP monetization approach. ironSource LevelPlay has helped us boost and maintain higher ARPDAU at the same time we’re improving our IAP strategy. Since we aren’t as experienced with ad monetization as IAPs, we’ve really enjoyed how easy it is to manage the ad side of our monetization - and how this freed up our internal resources.

"Our experience has proven to us that even IAP-based games can enjoy major benefits by using LevelPlay"

- Scott Su, Head of UA and Monetization at Mujoy

Our experience has proven to us that even IAP-based games can enjoy major benefits by using LevelPlay. Along with relying on the expertise of the ironSource team, we’re expanding our monetization knowledge and building on our success - we look forward to continuing working together into the future.

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