Case Study

Ludia Games is a major game developer owned by Jam City and based in Montreal, Canada. Their most popular hits include collaborations with the world’s biggest entertainment studios, including Jurassic World Alive, on iOS and Android. The game faced low engagement rates with ad placements, so the Ludia team wanted to test new placements to scale up - without hurting retention. The ironSource team highlighted the game’s potential, and suggested their A/B testing tool as a way to try out the Ludia team’s ideas. 

Rose Agozzino, Marketing Manager at Ludia Games, explains how LevelPlay’s A/B testing tool provided the insights they needed to test new ad placements - and how this boosted ARPDAU by 255% without harming retention. 

Creating ironSource placements

At the beginning of the year, the Jurassic World Alive game only had one rewarded video traffic driver. The ironSource team suggested adding three other traffic drivers to increase user engagement rate, which would in turn increase revenue. 

In order to do this in a data-driven manner, we integrated ironSource placements to tag and track the three additional traffic drivers we added. This was a major help, because on LevelPlay, we could take a granular look at each placement’s engagement rates and usage rates.

Utilizing A/B testing

To measure and confirm whether the placement changes would be beneficial, we decided to utilize LevelPlay’s A/B test tool. We programmed the test to split the traffic - giving a certain portion of the audience these three extra placements, and leaving the other portion as a control group. 

Once we saw promising results with the test group, we decided to try out our new ad placement strategy with our whole audience. 

Reaping the rewards  

After we fully implemented our new ad strategy, the results very quickly spoke for themselves ARPDAU increased by 255% and ad revenue quadrupled. 

Most importantly, the increase in placements did not harm retention - in fact, the engagement rate grew by 24%. Thanks to our careful planning with the ironSource team, we managed to find the sweet spot of increasing ad placements without turning away our users. 

Collaborating with the ironSource team has been as smooth as it has been successful. We have become close partners and now utilize multiple products across the ironSource suite of products - LevelPlay, Tapjoy Offerwall, and even user acquisition optimizers and creatives.

We appreciate their investment in our game’s potential and introduction to the LevelPlay A/B testing tool. While we suspected that our game had wide room for growth, utilizing this tool to change our ad placements finally gave us the power to prove it. We look forward to our continued partnership with ironSource and the continued growth and success of our game.

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