Case Study

IEC Games is a mobile gaming studio based in Vietnam. Founded in 2015, they’re responsible for hits like Ball Sort Puzzle, Water Connect Puzzle, and Tiny Kingdom. Looking to scale up their hyper-casual puzzle game Water Sort Puzzle, IEC turned to ironSource, who recommended they try running a CPE, or Cost Per Engagement, campaign. 

Đàm Thị Kim Oanh, User Acquisition Manager at IEC Games breaks down how running a multi-CPE offerwall campaign boosted completions 5x and D1 ROAS 85%. Let’s dive in.

Exploring the offerwall

“After we launched Water Sort Puzzle, we had trouble scaling up and finding quality users with traditional CPI campaigns. To give us an extra boost, the ironSource team recommended we take a different path and run a multi-reward CPE campaign on the offerwall

Being a hyper-casual studio, offerwall campaigns weren’t something we explored before, as we were sure it’s more helpful for casual and midcore games. But ironSource explained that the multi-reward campaign would allow our users to earn multiple rewards within one offerwall offer - by helping them progress further in the game, it often leads to higher LTV users. 

We were eager to get started, so we began setting up right away. The process was very smooth - the ironSource team assisted with setup and testing before going live, including mapping out our events. To ensure we were in the best position to scale up, they offered best practices like including quick events to engage users. And to make sure our bids were competitive, they showed us industry benchmarks based on TTE, or the time it takes to complete each event."

Watching our completions grow

“When we launched the campaign, we didn’t immediately start with high bids. Since users progress through hyper-casual games pretty quickly and easily, the genre has higher completion rates on the offerwall compared to others - meaning even with lower bids, we can still be competitive compared to in-app purchase-based advertisers. 

Once we saw an uptick in completions, the ironSource team helped us increase our bids incrementally, so we could eventually reach our target ROAS. When we could see our completion rates per event, the ironSource team helped us adjust our events to maximize completions. They also showed us how to optimize our bids toward higher quality users.

Soon enough, completions jumped 5x, spend increased 275%, and D1 ROAS increased 85%. Not only did we scale up massively, but we gained high quality users. 

This massive boom in growth also confirmed that offerwall campaigns have massive potential for a diverse set of games - not just in-app purchase-based ones, like we thought."

Continuing to scale

"We’ve been working with the ironSource team for years now, so trusting them to test out and implement a new UA campaign was easy - and that trust paid off. Using their offerwall has been a game changer for our user acquisition, and we look forward to continuing to explore what else the offerwall has to offer."

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