Mobile LTV (lifetime value)

Mobile LTV, or lifetime value, is an app metric which estimates the revenue a single user generates throughout their entire lifetime within an app. In other words, it’s a prediction of a user’s monetary value over time, and is calculated by looking at both in-app purchases and in-app advertising (determined by the number of ad impressions the user saw throughout their lifetime, among others).

Mobile LTV tells app developers how well they are monetizing and retaining their current user base. High LTV users are users with high retention rates who stick around in the app, and contribute significantly to overall app revenue.

LTV advertising: How to increase your ad LTV

The most surefire way to increase your game's ad LTV is by integrating rewarded video ads into the core loop of the game. Doing so will encourage users to interact with the ad, which will not only boost revenue, but retention as well - the two pillars for improved LTV. Giving users who aren’t ready to pay a way to keep playing your game or engaging with your app is key to building long-term loyalty, and rewarded videos are a win-win way of doing that.

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