Case Study

White Room Games is a developer and publisher of hyper-casual and idle games. They turned to ironSource’s ROAS optimizer to improve their return on ad spend for their game, Crash Delivery, and reduce operational overheads. Read on to see CEO Kirill Nekasrov’s story of how they achieved this and their experience working with ironSource. 

The challenge

We were finding it challenging to keep up with all the manual work that went into managing our UA performance - it was really time-consuming to optimize every campaign’s CPI and always check on the ROAS they were delivering.

We also realized that despite this effort, we weren’t able to bid per source or calculate the LTV and ad revenue per source. In short, we were putting the manual work in but we weren't always getting the optimal results in return.

Our goal was to use an automation tool to both reduce these operational overheads and cover more traffic sources, while meeting our KPIs. 

The solution

We consulted with the ironSource team and they explained the benefits of the ROAS optimizer and how it automatically optimizes campaigns to reach the set ROAS goal. The potential to solve all of our most pressing issues on the UA side was enough to convince us to give it a shot. 

The team at ironSource gave us important advice about setting our ROAS goal and the budgets necessary for our campaigns to meet it, which made this whole process a lot easier for us. Combined with the great UX of ironSource’s UA platform, which is really simple and intuitive to use, we were very satisfied with the experience.

Once activated, the ROAS optimizer allowed us to reach more traffic and bid more granularly, helping us pair the increased scale with more targeted bidding. 

"The ROAS optimizer allowed us to reach more traffic and bid more granularly, helping us pair the increased scale with more targeted bidding"

- Kirill Nekasrov, CEO at White Room Games

The results

As a result, we were able to meet our KPIs - we reached our defined ROAS goal, maximized scale, and increased retention, while freeing up a lot of time that was previously spent manually optimizing campaigns.

  • Installs increased by 198%
  • ARPU D3 increased by 149%
  • Retention D3 increased by 133%
  • Retention D30 increased by 171%

As you can see in the charts below, when we activated the ROAS optimizer on week 6, installs increased steadily, peaking at +198% on week 12. In addition, our ROAS D3 managed to stay above the ROAS goal that we set, which shows we were both acquiring more users and that those users were of the highest quality, meaning we could maximize our ARPU and in turn exceed our ROAS goals. 

The next chart reiterates that the users we were acquiring were high value - retention D3 increased on average by +133% compared to the first 5 weeks, when the optimizer was not activated. This uplift helped provide the foundation for our monetization team to maximize the revenue they could generate, with ARPU D3 increasing by 149%.

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