CPI cost per install: Formula, average cost in 2023 & more

What is cost per install?

Cost per install or CPI is a pricing model used in mobile user acquisition campaigns in which app advertisers pay each time a user installs their app from their ad. CPI is a very common pricing model, and is specific for mobile apps only.

There are many important factors to take into consideration when buying on a cost per install basis, with each factor affecting the price of the cost per install. Any of these variables could have a big influence on your ROI.

1. Install location by country: CPI differs by country depending on how big the audience is, how much they spend inside the games, and type of ad unit. The US tends to have the most expensive CPIs, however, the numbers can change daily based on prevailing factors. It's important to keep track of CPI benchmarks to ensure you are in a good spot.

2. Device platform: Android and iOS apps generate contrasting CPIs as well. Many studies have found that worldwide, Apple users are willing to spend more on IAPs than Google users, which equates to a higher average cost per install.

3. Advertising network: Each media source will offer a different rate for deploying advertisements. For example the CPI on in-app ad networks may vary from the CPI on social media channels or search channels like Apple Search Ads.

4. App category and genre: The specific category and genre of your app can dramatically influence the overall CPI. For example, mobile games tend to have a higher CPI than other app categories, while certain gaming genres like casino games can demand above-average CPIs as well.

Cost per install formula

CPI = total ad spend / total installs

This provides you with a baseline cost to acquire a single user.

Average cost per install in 2023

Average cost per install can vary depending on the country, platform, and ad unit. For instance, the average CPI for iOS devices is $2.37 in the US, $0.98 in China, and $0.22 in Brazil, with Android apps at $0.44, and iOS apps at $0.86. Overall, the average global CPI is $2.24, when taking every region, platform, and device into consideration. Read here about Pay Per Install (PPI) for publishers.

cost per install cpi

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