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User Acquisition

User acquisition: Campaigns and strategy

What is user acquisition?

User acquisition is an essential part of any app’s marketing strategy. It takes the right supply channels, technology, and creatives to acquire high lifetime value users who are ROI positive. In other words, it takes the right partner. ironSource’s team of mobile advertising experts works alongside your user acquisition team to acquire loyal users who stick around and drive revenue - that means users who reach level twelve, watch mobile video ads, and make in-app purchases.

User acquisition strategy for mobile games

User acquisition for mobile games is a big part of any game app’s marketing strategy, used to attract consumers to download and interact with your mobile game. Obtaining new users can be done through via social advertising and mobile ad networks. Mobile game app developers run UA campaigns to pull in high impact users by serving in-game advertisements on other games.

What is the purpose of a user acquisition strategy?

1. Win the soft launch: During a soft launch, app developers pre-launch their mobile game in select markets - running mobile user acquisition campaigns to test app retention and monetization ahead of the worldwide launch. In addition, app user acquisition campaigns during the soft launch teach app developers which creatives and supply channels perform best and will bring in the highest-quality users for the most competitive price during the worldwide launch.

2. Boost monetization with high LTV users: The biggest reason app developers run user acquisition campaigns is to acquire high LTV users who stick around and drive revenue to support monetization - both from in-app purchases and ad revenue. ironSource’s technology knows which users to acquire on which supply channels - that means we get you users who won’t just install your app, but will enjoy it too.

3. Make a splash with interactive ads: ironSource’s suite of interactive ads, designed completely in-house by ironSource’s creative management solution, drive high install rates, engagement rates, and retention rates. In fact, retention of users acquired through ironSource’s interactive ads is 35% higher than those acquired through other ad formats. Why? Users can actually interact and play with these ads, test-driving the experience. This means more impactful ad experiences, and higher quality users who choose to install.

UA (user acquisition) campaigns

Idle Heroes by Droidhang: Learn how Droidhang, a mobile game studio based in China, used app-level bidding to ensure their user acquisition campaigns for Idle Heroes were ROI positive, and brought it high-quality users. Read the case study here.

Gardenscapes by Playrix: Learn how Playrix, a top mobile gaming company, ran user acquisition campaigns with ironSource to acquire 15x more installs for their hit game Gardenscapes. Read the case study here.

Learn more about ironSource's user acquisition solutions and how to acquire more users for your app.

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