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Following the deprecation of MoPub, we've been happy to see so many publishers choose the ironSource platform to power their app and game businesses. Developers choose ironSource because of our unwavering focus on anticipating our partners’ needs, and creating products to address them. As part of that, we’ve added many features and products to LevelPlay in the last few months.

Here's what LevelPlay developers have been able to start using in the first few months of 2022:

  • App Analytics provides deep insights into core app performance - you can get critical visibility into metrics like behavior playtime and progression. App Analytics connects this data to revenue and growth analytics to understand its impact on the health of your app business - allowing you to allocate resources more efficiently.  
  • Real time pivot gives you detailed and actionable monetization data in real time. You can view and visualize your reports from LevelPlay, ironSource Exchange, and SKAdNetwork with data transparency you never had before—compare metrics over time, drag and drop granular to create breakdowns, analyze KPIs, and more.
  • Dynamic segmentation updates your ad strategy in real time when users switch segments while using your app. Now, when a user's behavior results in a segment change, (e.g. a non-paying customer starts paying) the entire experience - capping, pacing, rewards, and more - will automatically update and customize, driving higher engagement, a more tailored player experience, and ultimately revenue. 
  • Custom product pages link your campaign creatives to the custom App Store product pages you create, enabling you to create a more targeted and relevant experience for iOS 15+ users. ironSource is the first and only platform to enable and support custom product pages.


To get a closer look, check out our newest products or start scaling your business with LevelPlay.

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