App Analytics

Get deep insights into every part of your app to maximize revenue, retention, and growth. Unity LevelPlay is the only mediation platform that lets you monetize, scale your user base, and access app-focused metrics in one place

Make data-driven decisions for your app business

Know where to invest your business resources

Get the big picture of your top KPIs, and view daily breakdowns to monitor your app’s health and reveal where your resources can make maximum impact

Gain valuable metrics
on app usage

Compare 20+ app-focused metrics, like playtime, impressions per user, and level completions side by side to easily reveal data correlations across monetization and UA activity

Understand what’s driving retention and churn

Identify user trends based on install date or day of use up to 90 days back to explore the metrics behind app performance and make improvements

Track user progression with App Analytics funnels

Instantly see how many players advance from step to step by creating a funnel in just a few clicks

Coming soon:

Improve the app experience remotely

Use remote config to control app behavior – from level difficulty to store prices – without pushing a full update through the store

What you can track

App analytics is the only solution that shows you app-only metrics across all sides of your operation, so you only spend time analyzing the most valuable KPIs for your business, including:

Combined revenue
(IAPs and ads)
Impressions per user
Level completions
Average session length
and more…
Get key insights into your entire app