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Case Study
NEOWIZ lowers CPA by 20% on Apple Search Ads with Luna from Unity
NEOWIZ, Golf Impact: World Tour
NEOWIZ is a Korean game publisher that works closely with developers to create high-quality online games published on mu...
  • apple search ads
  • user acquisition
Case Study
How Pocket Worlds saved 60 hours in one month with Luna’s Optimization Center
Pocket Worlds , Highrise
Pocket Worlds is a game developer based in the United States that specializes in immersive, avatar-based metaverse apps....
  • apple search ads
  • user acquisition
Case Study
Alictus uses Luna’s Optimization Center to increase D1 ROAS by 30% on Apple Search Ads
Alictus, Fade Masters 3D
Alictus is a gaming studio based in Turkey that develops chart-topping games including Fade Master, Rob Master, Deep Cle...
  • apple search ads
  • user acquisition
Case Study
BIGO LIVE scales up efficiently using Luna’s Apple Search Ads solution
BIGO LIVE, a leading global live streaming platform owned by BIGO Technology (BIGO), is a popular Singapore-based app wi...
  • apple search ads
  • user acquisition

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Case Study
How Bumble uses Luna to drive data-oriented creative production and scale Apple Search Ads
Bumble, Bumble
Bumble, the women-first dating and social networking app, is built on the importance of empowering women and equitable r...
  • apple search ads
  • user acquisition
Case Study
How Gigantic increased D1 ROAS by 24% for Apple Search Ads campaigns with the help of Luna’s solution
Gigantic, Clawee
Gigantic is an Israeli-based game developer that brings arcade games to life on mobile apps. Rola Nubani, Senior UA Mana...
  • apple search ads
Luna surfaces Apple Search Ads impression share data for smarter, more accurate bidding
Yotam Wimmer, Director of Product Management
Knowing your impression share for Apple Search Ads search terms gives you a clearer picture of your position in the mark...
  • apple search ads
  • user acquisition

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