Case Study

Tapas Entertainment is a Korean company famous for its story-based apps, like their hit app Tapas - a leading publishing platform featuring over 75,000 writers. They originally built a monetization strategy around in-app purchases, but were looking to diversify their monetization strategy. That’s why they expanded to ads - starting with the Tapjoy Offerwall.

Learn how Tapas utilized ironSource’s Tapjoy offerwall to boost their eCPM by over 30%. Let’s dive in.

Trying the Tapjoy offerwall 

“We wanted to diversify our monetization strategy beyond just in-app purchases and wanted to improve retention - when users are enjoying our content then hit a paywall, it can sometimes cause churn.

We heard about Tapjoy and how offerwalls can give customers a creative way to access premium content, so we decided to give theirs a try.

Integrating the offerwall into our app was a quick and easy process - the ironSource team gave us all the instructions and answered all the technical questions we needed, and we were able to go live even quicker than expected.” 

Automating our growth strategy

“While we were eager to try ad monetization, we had a limited amount of time and resources to focus on our new offerwall. To help automate our monetization efforts and give us the hands-off approach we needed, the ironSource team recommended we try their ‘Message to Earn’ feature. With Message to Earn, we send pop-ups promoting our offerwall to specific segments. In our case, we prompted users who never made in-app purchases - the exact users we hoped would be more engaged in non-paying options like the offerwall. 

Trying out Message to Earn turned out to be a major hit - and we believe it’s the biggest contributor to our increased user engagement. Best of all, once we implemented Message to Earn, we had more time to invest in other features and optimize our monetization strategy even further.”

Testing more offerwall features

“In addition to Message to Earn, we utilized a variety of other Tapjoy offerwall features, including special promotions, otherwise known as currency sales. With these promotions, we could offer extra currency to users during traffic-heavy periods - like holiday weekends - boosting our engagement in the process.

We also ran A/B tests - for example, to maximize results during our special promotions, we first split our traffic to determine the optimal amount to multiply our rewards. 

Similarly, we set up another feature, Country Multipliers, which allowed us to segment our users based on county. Once we found the countries with the lowest eCPMs, we used Country Multipliers to multiply their rewards and boost their engagement rate - and the results spoke for themselves. Soon, we saw an over 40% eCPM uplift in these countries on iOS, and over 30% uplift on Android. 

Enjoying our results

“All in all, trying ad monetization with the Tapjoy offerwall has been a major catalyst in our growth - our monthly revenue has jumped 20x. Today, our account manager continues to suggest different and creative A/B tests we can utilize to continue optimizing our results. 

We’ve enjoyed utilizing everything ironSource has to offer - Message to Earn, special promotions, country multipliers - and, of course, their supportive team. We look forward to continuing the fruitful partnership and exploring more ways we can expand our monetization strategy going forward.”

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