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Founded in 2009, SundayToz creates fun and engaging casual games. The game studio has over 100 million downloads and is recognized as the leading casual game developer in South Korea. 

Read on to learn how Dahye Lee from the Marketing team at SundayToz worked with Ad Quality by ironSource to decrease user complaints by 29% and blocked content by 29%.

Monitoring ad flow and controlling data 

Before working with ironSource, monitoring the ads shown in our app and efficiently keeping track of ad performance was difficult, and led to a high number of user complaints and blocked ads. We needed a tool that would allow us to monitor the creatives shown in our app. After all, providing a quality creative experience for our users is a top priority. 

To improve our business performance and serve our audience appropriate ads at SundayToz, we started working with Ad Quality by ironSource. Ad Quality offers unique features that allow us to monitor the user journey and report on a high number of metrics with granularity.

Working with Ad Quality’s user journey and data filtering features 

"ironSource’s Ad Quality SDK is the only ad monitoring tool out there that lets us see every ad our user does and sort and filter the creatives we show."

- Dahye Lee from the Marketing team at SundayToz

The user journey tab lets us review the ad flow shown to a specific user for up to 7 days, which makes it easy for us to address support tickets and report problematic creatives, improving user experience. We especially like that our team can see a timeline of the impressions and how users engaged with them - including how long it took the user to click on or close an ad. This gives a great idea of ad performance. Ad Quality also lets us filter the way we view the creatives shown in our app, allowing us to quickly go through the dashboard and determine which ads were shown with specific criteria. 

With both of these features, we can easily keep track of inappropriate ads and block them proactively. We also get a transparent view of how our ads are performing. On top of that, our account manager at ironSource was active in communication and we could always expect a prompt response. We appreciate that the team was always willing to listen to our feedback and offer valuable insights in return. 

Decreasing user complaints and blocked ads

Overall, with the ability to proactively filter inappropriate ads and quickly figure out which creatives are problematic and investigate them, we were able to decrease user complaints by 29% and blocked ads by 29%.

Ad Quality by ironSource is a great tool for monitoring our creatives and our account manager was a great resource at each step.


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