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Big Huge Games is a game company based in Maryland, and the developers behind DomiNations, a mobile MMO combat strategy game released in 2015 that employs a mix of in-app purchases and ad monetization to drive revenue.

Mike Laub is the Senior Product Manager at Big Huge Games. Read on for Mike’s story about running offerwall double credit promotions in DomiNations with ironSource. 

Choosing ironSource mediation

There are a few reasons why our team at Big Huge Games chose the ironSource mediation platform to manage our monetization - we really like the ease of configuration of the platform and the fact that it comes bundled with offerwall and rewarded video functionality. It’s helpful and convenient to have a lot of business-critical services available all with one partner. 

Fire and forget 

Since 2016, we’ve been regularly running 2x offerwall credit promotions on our game DomiNations. I appreciate that on the ironSource platform setting up special offerwall promotions is mostly fire-and-forget - other than coordinating specific timed promotions, it provides a mostly-passive revenue bump.

Seeing the success of 2x credit promotions, and how simple it was to set up, last year we decided to start running 4x credit promotions over US holiday weekends, like July 4th and Thanksgiving. 

"The ironSource offerwall has consistently added comfortable padding to our monthly ARPU"

- Mike Laub, Senior Product Manager at Big Huge Games

Padding our monthly ARPU

Thanks to the special promotions, offerwall revenue in DomiNations doubled, with eCPM increasing 50-200%. Perhaps most meaningfully, offerwall revenue continued at elevated levels for two weeks after the four-day 4x promotions ended.

But in addition to increasing offerwall revenue, the 2x and 4x promotions also had a big impact on broader business metrics. Specifically, ARPDAU increased 3x-5x and rewarded video revenue grew by 50% as a result of increased player engagement. The ironSource offerwall has consistently added comfortable padding to our monthly ARPU throughout DomiNations’ lifespan. 






Rewarded video revenue

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